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Girls love cowboys! I love a cowboy too !

 Cowboys are addiction !They have to have a gentle soul way down deep to understand horses make others feel safe and warm next to them, like kids or elders  but  they don't show it, easy  they are very masculin and strongand tehy can be harsh or taught some times .Gentle with a huge smile always on their face bring hope as they are sincere and trustfull with out taking their words back :P.."Yes mam ..if u please  !"coming out of their mouth and be there if u are in danger..Hard workers , respectful and patriots being bride about themselves and their work .. Every time tough but fair with out passing the out control line..

Oh man i need a son like that hahhahahh! 

But i prefer to find first a real man on my life path  hahahah

Yeah i have an addiction to cowboys ! I bet most of u tooo ..i cant wait travel to texas Spreading some panic!Hot spurs and wild intentions  :DDDDDDDDDDD  Ladies enjoy :-$ i want a cowboy too!


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