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An unread Letter to O.W by Spartan Queen

Hello D. how r u ?
I hope u are doing fine in ur life there and be good in ur health .
if something doesnt go well , happy look from another corner the situation and continue on.ocean warrior never stops fighting
Long time no see  my friend ..
i am vicky from Greece ,,tthe spartan queen
the tempting princess as u used to say, apple boy  ..
I saw that u disappeared urself and i got worried
u have said me that u were thinking to close ur account in wire
and i had confessed u that if u doing with out saying anything i would be very disappointed..u are really a great man D. with view and from very few people iin whole internet world i sympathized u so much . u have a great warrior heart and dont give up  in life's dificulties my dear.
i wish my lines bring u a huge smile on ur face , its a thing i would be very pleased to see after going to beach and find withbig waves of ocean feeling the cool breeze of salty air
here things are not so good t all
i look for new job-crysis here sucks :( even we have suchh amazing place ,, i lost my grandma after fighting with cancer for 3 years easy and fast ..this illnes sucks , i couldnt  think clearly , i was all time with her side , she was raised me at ou our cottage till my age of parents then were so poor ..i had a close relation with her ..i didnt  have mood for nothing ..and huge mess of relatives and sorrow an dall this ba feeling emotions ...i know u have passed them infront of me all this in ur life ..tomorow i give driving test i havent read anything  ..i dont have the mood , imso stressful ii wanna  cry , i lernt i give test 2 days ago but with all this sorrow  i couldnt focus.maybe tears will flow on my cheeks and burn them  but it doesnt really  matter for once more time .im not good in my health  after so much pain here.. i cnat believe that our last words was "ur condolences .." i hoped i could get at least  answer to my previous message i have sent u .anyways i dont judje u but u havE promised that u would  inform for  vanishing urself frm the only  place i could find u a . and i had almost  done my papers to Visit New York  i met a military men working in politician office i was , he was from ct and i was so happy i met someone from ur state ..i thought government could sent us there too but  as u know my family sorrow my work's financial crysis..
plans didnt gi well ..
it's funny  its 2 am and i ahev to get up in 5 hours i haave test at 9 am , but ima thinking of u ..i want u to have great life there its not so important like ur smile ..ride ocean like is a small salty amound of water in ur palm..and be happy cause  one  person from the other side of world thinks and pray for u  even she hasn't met u in reality ..
u are free a rebel of ur own generation create ur way ur destiny and i am happy for u , i always been proud :) and i will continue , i want t be happy and earn things u want..

I hope u  spent some time and read my letter..believe if it was a paper and not an email it would be wetby my tears ..
 i would be so happy if i could  see back an answer of u ..
pls let me learn if u read it , i dont want lose our connection  and  tue friend and u have another one here too.lets keep in touch
u can always  always always find me in this email .. 0x ... or  in skype ox OR HERE IN BLOG
pls reply back  :) it would make my mood reading some thoughts of u .
one two lines as much u want ..

how things go there? is sea water so cold? ocean should laugh us and close his eye naughty ..
ur team , baseball spirit litle champions ?
thank u der for all good moments we shared
have a nice day and take care!
i hope hear news soon of u please
lots of love
Vicky GB
-tempting princess

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