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That's why foreign people love Greeks !

I was surfing  in the Internet  when i found randomly this  video !

Its a strip dance  by  Cinthia Fernandez and Abbey Diaz in Argentinian DANCE tv !

It's sensual Erotism  that i like cause i am a teasing  kid too ! Ok Greeks  we have amazing sexuality  and sensual tricky mind. if we have an aim we will try to achieve it with anyway but not with too creepy actions . We can tease ... we can seduce  using the temptation  around our fingers   like a  komboloi :p  Look straight into people are and magnetise them by our aura ..Looking their lips  to steal them worlds of affections and guide them  by touch   follow us  with strong hedonistic motivations  just my our angelic smile!

But it makes me wander also if  all foreign people think that  Greece  is a stunning country . Not only for its luminous civilisation and its History  , epic exploration trips,great war tactics  , great investments  and  creation of all  science and logical mathematical terms in this astronomic universe(spiritual or not )  but all so about the way of living in Mediterranean sea beyond 6000 islands !

Ok maybe we drink ouzo and nice meet grilled things  , and we say Opaaa for dancing  but also when we had to watch out out  something  !yeah we can have 40 or more  second cousins  but even we work  like dogs  12 hours per day we know how to have fun .. yeah we work and i dont know why people globally show different things maybe is propaganda..Greeks are hardworeks but music and rhythm  lives in their soul  , warm light flows  inside our blood :)

i think other northern people are jealous cause Greece has many destinations for all tastes in all seasons .. Mountains excursions in snowy places , feeling the freedom high in the top of world and cold wind caress ur face  and blows ur hair ..And then  eating traditional food by  uncle Yorgo but soon partying all night long ..  Warm hearts next to fire place ;) cause lust flame can turned up by a glance , and soon turned to flood of passionate emoticons..Greek lovers taste is well known around the world. Having a Great warrior , a stallion on ur bed  or a princes but  hotblooded amazon sounds temting .Right ?

And what about the golden sun brights our days , lighting up the fire of desire in our soul  ! To achieve our aims and have the felling to continue our lives! These magnificent clean beaches every  man wants to lie  down .Explore and rule having fun .And these evenings company sits around a table tasting amazing food next to calm sea , and then sing  and dance   making more new friends . Did i mention  the  open air beach parties? With Djs and full of coctails and beverages until sum rises up again the following day  .Celebrities everywhere ..

Greece is a place u wanna live, except economic crisis .. But Hellas never dies ...

Things will go better soon ,,

Keep calm and drink a FRAPPE coffee!

See u in two hours  destroying and fucking everything around , cause Greeks cant stay calm !



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