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Heart of Courage ! - Warrior Princess and Ocean Warrior


Ocean Warrior's Diary 

It's been almost three months since we were on boat .
The crew is exhausted and cluttered up deck 's wooden planks .
Their only companion a bottle of rum , a song of courage and bravery with Nostalgic lyrics about homeland and a few gulls traveling over our heads  as  cold air caress  whips our faces . Closing their pure white wings land on huge masts and sing  a melancholic winter symphony while our Trireme  sails among huge  ice burgs .

Unfortunately some of the ropes hold ship sails broke during storm in Atlantic unexplored seas .
We sail on north frozen Ocean .. Over Hyperborean continent , more ancient  than Atlantis and Lemuria too. Regarded as the gateway to other worlds and opening to the Hollow Earth. Even the inhabitants of Scandinavia talk about the wonderful country in the north where the sun never sets ..

Pytheas of Masalia ! Greek geographer and explorer  , our captain made ​​an adventurous trip to the north with an elite group of warriors and scientists , which led him to Scotland and then 6 days cruising beyond. From there, the journey may not so easily mapped, although it could have been in Iceland or in the opposite direction in Norway .. We were looking for mythological Thule .. An earthen paradise and also  Apollo's sanctuary where Spring  season is all time , in a land with colorful flowers , green fields, huge rocky mountains with wild forests where  legendary animals live   and with the most refreshing life fountain in whole world..

Inside in this damned ship sailing in frozen sea beyond ice bergs with a dozing of creepy angry dirty  men an illegal visitor sneaked in Trireme  holds 3 months ago  .. One day The captain started yelling furiously  so whole crew came out our booths ..When I walked  on deck I saw Her !  She was fighting against captain like wild animal . The combo of her moves remind me of perfect martial arts knowledge .Her techniques look like a sneaky cobra   and her wild instinct tactic  like a hungry tiger   as her bracelets ringing  inside air .Her skin was tanned , her body curvy and her hair long dark brown .! She was there ..! I was surprised and I could describe my happiness , my huge smile up to my ears .. The Spartan princess , the warrior Queen ..! I  remembered that  dance next to fire  where she gave me my freedom  and the following hours  of our walk on beach  until sun rise .. Last time i saw her  in the huge  Royal tend where the big warlords planned that trip to northern seas and she asked her father to accompany  Pytheas  in this epic journey  as a strong colleague ...But the king condemned the involvement of his daughter in that mission so she had to stay back and care soldier families..But at the end nothing could keep her staying outside action .Her CURIOSITY  about unknown  made her take this quick decision and  sneak at night like thief  inside food  cellar .

"Princess!" I spoke out loud her title !

Ocean Warrior!” Her happiness couldn't be  hidden  so  her pretty face shined by joy  and fell in my embrace..Her body was so warm , so sensual  and the idea of feeling her skin against mine, the the friction between our two bodies  was so .. so .so seductive.. I could keep her prisoner forever  smelling the sweet perfume of  her hair and feeling the scent of her aura  inside of her long white dress.

King Atreus Daughter, Ship is not place for young ladies!!U go down in Malta ...” The  black hair Captain talked her darkly  thinking the consequences if the father had already  learned  that  she had  been boarded ..
The king could cancel their agreement for transfer trades  of ammunition, cereals and vegetables..The worst thing was ....attack in north  areas behind the mountains , and sent his army forces in green valley out of City High walls  .. if only passed his mind the idea of kidnapping her daughter, he could destroy and burn cities...

"I have written a letter ..He will understand,..i Beg him to understand  me and not harm anyone ! Warrior princes made a step  infront  of men looking sincerely with courage the captain .

"There are so many difficulties  , unexplored dangerous waters  and pirates !" I looked  her full of care
I want to be here, i will try to be as much  invisible    i can .. and not to get involve on men jobs .. I wanna help here being useful in that epic exploration trip besides i wanna  meet other cultures and civilization ."A golden heart of courage couldnt  stay hidden..

"Not good idea , no woman cant stay with her hands crossed and her  mouth closed, especially a warrior princess .." Perseus ran his fingers  across her dark curls and  breathed out ..
"She can stay here, she has nowhere to go .As long she is with us, princess is safer than anywhere else .." I stretched out my heavy armor hand showing endless sea and a few scattered islands  around.

"She can be safe at Ionian islands too , at King Odysseus palace ...If she dies in mission her Royal family will kill ur people ..Are u serious ?" Pytheas holding an astrolabe yelled angrily ..I could she him pulling his  black beard from nerves

"Cant u see the fire flames  in her eyes , the passion of her soul , the Strength Of A Thousand men  inside her mind !" Hercules son of Zeus spoke and broke the electrified atmosphere ..His opinion was always important for all warlords cause God Zeus was protecting him and his plans were most of times succeeded ..

"Lets sail into unknown waters , Warrior princess welcome on board !" Captain Pytheas sprode his hand and Princes  touched with the brightest smile i have ever seen  .Then she met crew members and they make  tour inside ship . I felt Hercules strong  hand on my shoulder and i turned back. Captain Pytheas accompanied him ..

"You ,  soldier !! Keep ur hands off  her ,  if u want to continue the mission ..Or else wave sharks  !"Captain Pytheus ...On the other hand Hercules ,  The tanned man with middle legnht brown hair and gentle face characteristics  looked too serious   that time completing captain phrase  :"But u are in charge taking care of her  when she becomes a hysteric bitch , crazy from navy voyage!"

"Big Mistake, u  set  wolf to  guard the sheep.." i Felt cool  wind blowing on my face and caressing me slowly as i   faced  the strongest and smartest men in the crew ...

"HHAHAhhahah i know what  i do ..I saw the sparkle between u too but i have to warn u ."Middle aged Pytheas could smell  and notice from Miles away conspiracies, feelings ,and plans ..

".Princess is not just a baby doll, she  is tiger too so watch out if u don't want to lose ur head !"Hercules couldn't stop laughing ..

Days, weeks and months passed ..The warrior princess stayed in a small room helping us with cooking , cleaning and procurement ordnance. A sister , a friend , a mother ..The warrior princess , my desirable lover! Herculys and Pytheas didnt be wrong .There were sometimes she was a crybaby missing her house and other times she had amazing nevres cause she couldnt  used the hard  navy life ..There were times she was afraid  when we met Mediterranean beasts and  fight with unknown nations in small islands ..But she never stooped fighting ,,Neither one second..Princess she was a lady after all but Amazon Queen too.I really was afraid when she was sick cause deck is not place for ladies especially when she had to take care of so many ill sailors .Τtolerance and the adventures we had passed caused to  ship damages and diseases spread ..Dysentery and fever .. The water temperature was so low when we passed the Atlantic ocean and we moved to Adriatic sea ...She had fever for a week .She couldn't raise her body parts and she was unable to eat anything .Nothing didnt remind of the sexy seductive Amazon Queen i had seen in the fire dance  but she was so natural beautiful ... Her chest was paining and that damned fever didn't let her .I spent so many nights wiping her neck curves sweat  doen to her  chest . I could feel her warm rose cheeks just by caressing her sleepy face..Her pained glance could kill my heart watching her hopeless she couldn't breath too.. Without a second thought when we trussed anchor  in a desert island , somewhere near Sweden  .. I jumped inside cold water and I swam kilometers with Hercules  to find some herbs , we had to fight   an giant golden fire bird   to reach heigh on   heils  and take some cramperies of a holly  tree where every illness go away , with a harpoon  fish some huge fishes in a lake and I made a grumpy soup . Water  was so refreshing but it tended  to be extremely cold , i was feeling  my veins started getting frozen until ice would have taken over my heart and die inside oceans hands ..

Fortunately these bad times passed and now all crew even exhausted is happy cause we reach our final destination .. The cold air whips our faces and hits our body, at least out jackets are very warm cause they considt of  wolf , foc and bear fur .

As long as Captain Pytheas is looking by his telescope the horizon , i ve gave a quick run at my ladys' room .. I was happy when I saw her on her bed sleeping peacefully under warm rug  with a white sheer nightie .As i remember she had bought the fabric from a Spanish trader when we were at Iberia harbor cause it was forbidden for her to wear her sexy leather amazon costumes on deck except we were ready to fight  in planned wars  against island people ..She was the most precious and beautiful thing in that old creepy ship even with male pants or with very long dresses  covering her body  but not her rich bust   ..With her long wavy hair like a pillow under her beautiful face or I could describe better like a black waterfall on her rich bust . A long precious handmade necklace embraced her neck . Consisted of small black glass beads and huge indigo violet bears like big beans with  small shells  it  looked like an octopus from precious stones on her  soft breasts  :) . As long as I remembered I spent so many nights to make it , find the beards and create the jewelry design  (diving in frozen sea) . She appreciated when I put it around her neck kissing slowly   the long curves of her neck  ..gently but full of desire  .Her eyes were so sparkling now. Now...

 All my memories are so intense .. i Fell  they  drive me crazy  ...
All my writings cant  be just words ..on these pages ... Letters of fire ..Dear Diary ...

I bent on bed feeling the warm blanket  and then I lead next to  her whispering softly inside her ear and caressing her face slowly  with my fingers:"Good morning dear ..How was ur sleep.. ?
"Mmmm"Her  eyelids opened and her huge brown eyes looked at me for one second and then closed again  like butterfly wings ..But a laugh sign  was shaped in her cute face when she stretched lightly  out her body parts  on bed  ..

"Tell me  Did u dream of me last night ?:My lips caressed  her cheek  , they gave  a small kiss on her chin and then they   crushed    softly on her outer  palm side .Her skin was so soft  inside my wild male    hands ... Then she turned her head near mine and her drunken eyes by sleep rum look into mine .

"Maybe  still dreaming .."That  slow sleepy  voice tone was so sexy in my ears  i couldn't resist or control  my self and i embraced  her . i couldn't be neither 6cm away of her ..

"Becomes better cause i can feel u  now every inch of ur  fury skin hhahhaha! At least is warm cause outside is so cold.."Princess layed down my chest and  until get comfortable in my hug  she  caressed her head on my rough chest  and with her hand  trying to unbuckle my fur jacket buttons... It was so to take off it cause it was so warm in her both.

"Why are so silent ? Ten inutes passed without saying  nothing .
" I wanna hear ur heart beat... this naught melody  when i am next to u .."Princess was laying on  my rough  chest  so she  unbuckle abit  my neck line buttons , pass her hands inside and fill my bare chest skin .Just a taste of my body eith the sense of touch.

"I wanna touch ur heart..U do not know how I want keep u indise my embrace , talk to you for hours watching the night stars and see swells rolling on ocean .Its so difficult to send a love   message on boat among all these men  or  chat  , pick you a quick   hug and give you millions of kisses  ... something anyway .. What  is  enough to show you that I want u ?

"So i am a dream u've just captivated... wild beast .."Her eyes opened wide and her voice was so clean and  decisive..

"U  will enjoy my low growl .....? "i started giggling her waist and she laughed so much ..And she tried to avoid me doing that

"What  really is the area of dreams? An unsatisfied desire and more to real" 
 Words wouldnt be enough to express just how intense that  closeness feels..My   light green eyes tagged  hers !She could watch  the sparkle of desire turning up and becoming  stronger  like a dangerous fire inside mine.. so dangerous hedonistic glance could shake  powerful princess and made me able to notice her  feminine weakness deep in her  eyes against my male streighn .. Hypnotised  ,her eyes traveled to my lips and then back to my face... I went closer and she made a step forward ..I wanted to bite her juicy lips while she was approaching ...The idea of tasting her mouth made  me feel more was like a dream came truth  , with our eyes hermetically closed  she touched gently my face with her fingers u could feel burnt from desire  ,εven her every  little  movement like this , irritated  me  sexually ...The idea  of feeling her soft breast over my hard chest , our bodies swapping  every litle move caused me chills ... i graped her waist andi pressed over me until i could feel her warm breath near my neck and  light caressing aura of her lips so close to mine ...Her  soft  lips crused on my  lip corner near cheek .. how was that  possible to avoid me like that  with out a huge kiss  but she whispered slowly digging her nails  into my shoulders back

"Ocean Warrior ...Do u
know what I want? to find a breakfast in your bed after a night crazy love, looking at you naked sleeping  when  I only wear ur shirt and  absorb your smell .. do you? "Oh my God , her tempting words drove crazy with out a secobd word.. i was trying to find in my ind where she thought of it ...

" omg princess , feeling ur  soft bare skin  can  blow my mind !Tasting ur sweet  femininity can   can cause me stroke and  taking ur body and also ur soul can  cause me heart attack ... " I adored the way she  spinned  around my mind with her little saying .Amazon Queen had trapped me in her nets like a small fish inside ocean .. Tempting princess she was looking damn hot sexy and smart in same time  ! I wanted to kiss those beautiful lips ,it worthed more than  million kilos of gold .. i wanted her  naked in my arms ...I wanted  todo bad things to sweet angel  

 She let herself free in my hands , i couldnt  resist myself from her tempting words  Tored my flesh   like tiger nails  pulling out my heart ..How i could describe so many passion dream  images passing my mind  , she putted fire in my body  and  burned me sweetly  . I was grown slowly in a lake of lust .. I  wanted to treat  her juicy body like Godness..I couldn't wait to worship her  soft breasts or taste  her naval area  wrapping her legs behind my back .I wanted to take it  that time  cause i couldnt hold my male hardness .My love , my  need breath ..If only i could   describe my dream images passing  my mind  ,  i am scared  and i confess i would have been cared too.. Cause my words could be so pervert and not romantic anymore  ..If  she could feel my love I knew she could have been  scared ...I pulled her closer, held her arms  tighter, as if it was  the last time i see her and then die from  her  poison..Running  inside my  body veins and fills me with lust destroying me slowly , excruciatingly and sweetly too ... Her venom  took over my  body, made me  feel  sensual pain.  ..We became one as i was feeling her mouth , my life was hers  and she could kill me ..I didnt give  piece of shit if next 10 seconds i was going to die but   i couldn't  stay away of her ..My hands run across her soft curls and became small fistfuls pulling her hair  gently .So soft and long with the sense of orchid .The sense of her lips  against mine could drive me crazy .Like a juicy Cherie  ready ready to  bite .. I could forget her smell , it made me wild beast acting more passionate and full of lust .. Her scent was taking over my body  from my nose deep to lungs and then to my soul like sweetperfurme ..Mixed tones of gardenia and Jasmine  with musk.. i felt  a bit poor in front of her ,sleeeping in a amall ship stall with 8 other guys but she didnt take care of  it ...She could sense the breez of artic scarred  on my body  and she like it  it was deel , it was sensual , it was a long passionate kiss and  with a glance she gave me invitations for more... I cupped her face in my palms  and kissed her again and again like it was the last thing i could do in this world.Ididnt care about anything all my problem  had vanished and our epic exploration trip had to wait as long i was exploring my lady heart was beating so fast  ,i couldn't think carefully  and  the only thing i knew was that  i wanted  her  as nothing more in the world .. i wanted all of her ..taking it  inside soft  satin sheets under the warm blankets

"If someone loves u , he has to tell it , if not u have to learn  stealing it .. " Her huge brown eyes looked me with pleasure and it was like singing naughty love lyrics  with  sweet moaning tone.. It was  time to see who was the man  filled with testosterone .. I raised my body  holding her inside my embrace and then we rolled on sheets  falling on pillows so in the end i was  laying over her ... I grabbed her waste and i pull her closer when her hands caressed my  unlock t-shirt and help me take it off ..My body  was between her long  legs , i felt her soft skin while i  moved my hand from her calves to her yummy  hips  lifting her nightis' fabric in the high of her waste .My my gentle caresses  irritated her bear skin , so  moans came out her  chest. My head fell on her naked  chest   and gifted the uper side of her soft breasts with  many playful kisses ..i played a bit with her nighties bustier  neck line rope  and  then  i moved up grabbing tight  her neck  tasting her neck  curves and    lovely mouth too ...

My Temptation Goddesssss ..  !! Biting her full lips and creating a naughty grin on her cute face , she gave me another sexual  invitation and i was so  ready  to join in and accept the challenge ..


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