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Warrior Princess and Ocean Warrior

Angry waves of the dark ocean hit steep cliffs of the beach. Who knows what sinful secrets are hidden in its depth.Lost dreams, unfulfilled desires and bloody tears ..Somewhere in the darkness and stillness of the night fiery flames jump as drums break the monotony in a magical beat  while SHE drags her feet on the sand slowly ..

She shines like the   summer sun  inside night veil ..Her smile  hides  thirst for flesh and lust in her eyes.While  she leans on the sand ,u can see her curves inside her leather clothing .The feathers on her  crown present her origin and  their followers worship her  as Queen! With every move, her precious   bracelets with gemstones ring  especially when her long  dark brown curls caress her  shoulders.. She is  elusive like  dream as she dances  beneath the half moon ..She  could have anyone of her  nationals around the huge fire singing  angelic war cries .. Heavenly melody but also two steps from Hell

Looking for  fiery eyes and also iron will of a  warrior..She doen't care if  the King is , a  simple  soldier or God !Dust bathing  and plays with it  in a dance that comes right  from the depths of her soul ..Dreams scattered like grain of sand ..Inviting  the strongest warriors of the tribe in a battle with a sign of her fingers  like dancing cobra .. Bodies naked, sweaty wild beasts trying to dominate each other ..  But the almond eyes of flame impressed by  beads of sweat warrior .How would she like to touch his  naked painted  flesh with her long  finger along  his male body and taste inside of her full lips of the thrill of his bear skin  and feel  plenty of feelings  she hasn't fell before .. Play with every inch and get plunged into a lake sin  .So pure and dangerous same time like the  sharp knife bitten by her juicy lips .

 Her aim is a prisoner .  An Ocean warrior , a Hero !Watching all time  fire celebration  , with dancers , musicians and warrior  legions ..  Ropes tight his hands as he watches  her bending over his head  with sad  expression ..The Hero is so proud to beg for mercy but he tends so silly not to do it .. He is amazed by her aura when  she leans her head over his  rough chest .  Feeling the pressure of her soft  breasts on his abdominal area , the warmth of her body pressing his as  she embraces his arms  gently  ..She is warrior princess showing mercy only in   special situations .. Her thick eyelashes  open wide and her brown eyes show the truth as she moves softly  the knife blade  over his bare skin .He breaths slowly  but she can hear his fast beat . Causing  desire shivering .. Her smile is so huge her victim , her little pray .. His eyes so wide  .. he knows very well that he  is ten times stronger than her. Just captivated  at last battle . Afraid of her last move  .. 

But something inside hm says  she will mercy him as  Her fingers run inside his hair pulling it  , a  low moan  but nothing Is more aphrodisiac than  a little pain as her face is   so close to him and finally  their glances met ..She knows very well he is the  leader warrior, from southern race next to ocean, far away from the green valleys .Trapped and captivated by her military . This Hero  was beaten . Not fair . It wasn't battle one to one . Face to face .. No words  while she caresses  her right cheek on his ,and step back ..  eyes speak .. so many thoughts of passion  in a place where lust is hidden and asks to come out .. 

Her heart says it ! Gently and sweet  approached  more  closer with   the sparkle of desire inside  her flirty eyes .. Biting her lips gave him a sensual invitation so  make him  crush on her  juicy  hers. He  wanted to feel  the soft sense  of biting a delicious fruit even they are enemies ..Gosh ..The Ocean warrior  want to wrap both arms around her, hoping she feel the same way  . But he is tied  , hopeless inside her palms  ..Only could release him self ..only that is his   secret wish . To learn her passion .. He always  wanted  a precious body to write  his epic story on . To hear  her slowly   murmuring   his  vulgar tunes, she could never speak out . 

“Zraap”  Her Sharp blade cut left rope and releases his hand ...His eyes gaze fall on her naughty smile   as  her nationals followers  surround them  .. Could he be the pray  among these beasts ? Or the he will have her grace ..King is not very happy with his daughter inside prisoner  embrace, even if is the most  honorable warrior between two kingdoms  .. But princess is calm and cuts the other rope too  and  imedelty Ocean  Warrior falls  on her long  legs begging for mercy .She can feel his trembling heart and her long nails touch softly his head raising up his face  so look her inside her eyes .His hair look golden at fire's light and his light green eyes threw   sparkles  . A gentle kiss  on top of his face by his  Amazon Queen  reassures him .Feeling inside his palm her soft little hand  helping him to stand up ..

None can do nothing ,  warrior has her mercy ..
All step back as she leads walking and behind her Ocean Hero follows her ..
They can't disagree  and if they do it .Always there is tomorrow for penalties and punishment . 
Just they see Ocean Warrior and Warrior  Princess together ..Getting   lost inside night  darkness as   they directed at the coast where sea waves lick  the wet  pebbles skin . And ocean's hug embrace the main  solid body of  shore. Under the half moon all look so beautiful and peacefull .. Together forever ,until first  sunlights of sunset ..Watching the beautifull colors  games on sky .God's Great work of art !

"vickygb "

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