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If you could choose what would you choose?

If you could choose what would you choose?
Βeing mortal or immortal ?
Sometimes you can feel lonely ..Thinking of ..
Μoves that you could do and did n’t …
Words would you like to say but did n’t
But you have felt emotions ..
Love , Happines ,Sadness ,…emptiness ..
Ιτ’s not the blood that flows through your body and burns your veins ..
U should prove you are right.
What is your motivation ?
Where is your God? What is your lucky charm ?
Tell me ..
Dead or Alive ..
No need to destroy all ..
To burn all..
You do not have to leave ..
Ash and debris .. Fire and smoke ,ruins ..
Like the pieces of your broken heart …
like no one understands .
Under moon light , inside dark memories of past hunt you in dreams ..
Bloody tears upon your face, muffled sighs..
Whispers like prayers by angels’ lips don’t give up
a siren’s song
to a Damon’s lust ..
Keep walking on path of your heart ..
“Searching for u ..
Deep inside catch my hand and do not leave me ..
A Chance under your frozen gaze gives me another day ..
Light hope in a dark street .. Your voice inside my head says to live this beautiful life ..”
That is when soul talks ..

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