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I feel very bad ..
Why there is so much pain ..
Tears when i am all alone ,crushed , broken to pieces ..


John from Chicago said...

Angels And Devils The Following Day
by Dory Previn

Loved I two men equally well
Though they were different as heaven and hell
One was an artist
One drove a truck
One would make love
The other would fuck

Each treated me the way he knew best
One held me lightly
One bruised my breast
And I responded on two different levels
Like children reacting to angels
And devils

One was a poet who sang and read verse
One was a peasant who drank and who cursed
Before you decide who’s cruel and who’s kind
Let me explain what I felt in my heart and my mind

The artist was tender but suffered from guilt
Making him sorry the following day
And he made me feel guilty the very same way
In his bed on the following day

The other would take me and feel no remorse
He’d wake with a smile in the bed where we lay
And he made me smile in the very same way
In his bed the following day

The blow to my soul by fear and taboos
Cut deeper far than a bodily bruise
And the one who was gentle hurt me much more
Than the one who was rough and made love on the floor

elselenia said...

Very nice song by Dory Previn , a poetic ballad with cool rythm and a real meaning relaxed me listening the lyrics

To say the truth i was depresed by my country news , no jobs ,anarchy ..

so i hoped for a better future for all of us . cause we have so many dreams to come them true..

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