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It’s ……… the echoes of a siren’s  song . Beyond sea’s waves on the other side of the ocean .  Silver Moon’s Bright rays was h her face as she tries to wipe her burning tears .Gentle breeze blows her  long wet hair as she look million stars above her head shining and keeping her company .Her huge green tale splashes water’s surface as she sits on a rock .

 It’s so peaceful under the dark veil of sky  and so  silent  in ocean’s hug .How she wish  to be  in the middle of a storm !It doesn’t matter at all when you have pain in bleeding heart.. She wishes she get lost forever in  darkness bottom .Away of all and everything..She need to fight against wild but also furious sea, in the eye of the storm.  Lightnings and thunders don’t  frighten her. She is used to difficulties,Looking for truth ,loyalty and trust  .

Our siren could disinherit whole  naval fleet ! Poor fishermen  who knows what kind of secrets her heart hides .. With a wallop of her tail could break in two their small tub . Μourning sad words , she is wandering over and there !Whispering spells can appeal and magnetize too innocent sailors where his way bring them in her path.  Broken wood , torn sails, minced masts and people following her song in the biggest depth  of lake of her passion  .She could be a dark demon across a sea of tears !
My lovely lady why so much anger ? Why so much pain ? Maybe cause You born to kill .With a kiss  you take away  sorrow , gives happiness for a moment and promise that everything is fine  from your bottom of your heart! They forget their names and their past   .. Gluttony Toys in your hands  under your vanity ..And then your cruel self ! It looks like lust  but is more  you are thirsty of envy ..Always looking for the one .And you know who is ..

You can transform a useless material to pure gold, but still you are not happy !
Emotions choke you ! First is admiration ,and then curiosity , love and then pain„ hate and then love again  .And you hated to be betrayed when you give one chance in one person of all  in sea to save him from dying..


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