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No.1 Try new cuisine - restaurant

Sharing new experiences together is a great way to build a connection with someone. That’s why if you’re going to take her out to a restaurant, you should try taking her somewhere a little more adventurous. Check out a new ethnic cuisine -- something neither of you have tried before. The element of adventure will add some excitement to your date, and, who knows, maybe the two of you will find a new favorite.

No.2 Ice-skating

Ice-skating is innocent fun. That’s why it makes this list of our favourite first date ideas. It’s a great date for women who love to be active. And if she doesn’t know how to skate, so what? Holding hands as you help her stay on her feet is a fun way to spend an afternoon and an excellent opportunity to get to know each other.

No.3 Play tourist

We sometimes take our hometowns for granted. Think about it: Every year, scores of people probably travel to your city on holiday. Try to see your hometown from a tourist’s perspective. Check out the local tourism office; it will have guides and information on all kinds of festivals, events and sights worth seeing.

No.4 Local music show

Remember that conversation is probably the most important part of a first date. However, the right music in the right venue can provide the perfect ratio of conversation to pleasant distraction. You don’t want a stadium show. You don’t want heavy metal or techno -- the emphasis there is more on dancing than listening. But if you can find a more mellow act in a smaller venue, you’re golden.

No.5 Art gallery

A trip to the local art gallery is a great first date for the artsy girl. It’s not a bad idea to do a little research on the exhibit beforehand, though. Not just because it’s good to seem at least a little knowledgeable, but also because you don’t want to accidentally take her to an exhibit on the horrors of meat-processing plants or the atrocities of war.

No.6 Driving range

Taking a date to the driving range is another fun outdoors activity. It’s not particularly strenuous, though, so your date doesn’t need to be athletic to have a good time. The driving range makes a great daytime date. It’s also a good first date idea because if she’s not a golfer, helping her with her swing is a great opportunity to get up close and personal.

No.7 The theatre

The theatre is another one of our favourite first date ideas. It’s more original than a movie, plus it’s a little classier. The two of you can get dressed up and enjoy yourselves. Plus, there’s typically an intermission during which you’ll have a chance to chat, unlike a movie, where you’ll spend the entire time sitting in the dark.

No.8 Aquarium

Aquariums aren't just for primary school field trips; they're also a great place for a first date. You can walk leisurely with your lady friend as the two of you survey all of the sea life. And underwater creatures are colorful, slimy, toothy, and weird enough to keep things interesting.

No.9 Outdoors

Exploring the great outdoors and getting some physical activity is a terrific first date idea, provided your date is up to the task. You need to check first to ensure that she’s the outdoorsy type. A high-maintenance woman does not want to go on a hike (you know, that martini-sipping girl with the perfectly manicured nails probably isn’t up for it). But for the cute surfer girl you met at the pub, it’s perfect.On your first date you want to show her who you are. So take her somewhere you like to go and do something that you like doing. If you're the outdoorsy type, go kayaking or take her on a hike -- in the winter try snowshoeing or skiing. Just make sure whatever you have planned isn't too strenuous (unless you're certain your date is a fellow outdoors enthusiast and can handle the activity). It should also be noted that some women just aren't the wildernes
Go boating – The idea of sailing on a first date seems like a recipe for disaster but something milder, like canoeing, row boating, or taking a paddle boat out on a sunny afternoon would work well. Admittedly, the last time I took a girl on a paddle boat for a date we both ended up soaking wet with marsh moss in our hair. It was amazing though! 
Go for a run together – If running is your idea of a good time, an easy run with a new friend can make for a great date!

No.10 Bowling

Bowling is an old-school date idea with a great casual vibe. The two of you can have a beer or a slice of pizza while engaging in a friendly competition. Just about every town has a bowling alley. It’s a low-stress environment, so your date is guaranteed to feel relaxed and comfortable, which is important. If she’s comfortable, she’ll have more fun, and if she’s having fun, you’ll get a second date.
Bowling meets just about every criteria of the best dates: it's fun, unusual and easy for everyone to do. Even if one or both of you turns out to be a terrible bowler, who cares? You want to show her you can make anywhere a fun place to be, and you need to know if she can do the same. Can she let loose and have a good time even when she's throwing gutter balls, or does she get uptight and worry about what other people might think?

No.11 Flea market or Shopping center

A first date is also an opportunity for you to get to know her. What are her tastes? What does she find funny? Flea markets are filled with cool, quirky stuff you can explore and discuss, providing a great chance for you to get to know one another.
Shop the Farmers' Market Browse the stands together at your local farmers' market. Ask growers for their recommendations on fresh fruits, artisan cheeses, and homemade loaves of bread, and take your organic goods to a nearby park for a delicious feast. Remember to pack utensils, plates, and a blanket from home.
  Go gift shopping – Not for each other, but for somebody else. Perhaps you need to pick up a gift for your sister or some other relative and you need some insight into the process? Ask your date to give you some in-motion advice and perhaps even pick up something small for each other. Trinkets only. Save the cars and fur coats for later dates!

No.12 Sporting event

It may seem counter-intuitive, but a sporting event is a great first date locale. You'll have ample time to talk to each other, but the game action will give you a breather if you need it. You don't need to take her to a big league game either; college basketball or minor league baseball will work just as well. Just make sure you pay more attention to your date than the score.

No.13 Breakfast joint

Eating on a first date is sometimes a bad idea. You might end up talking with your mouth full or your first kiss could be laced with garlic. However, we're going to go ahead and recommend the breakfast joint as a first date locale. It's an unconventional twist on the traditional dinner date, and it works particularly well for that girl you met at the club the night before. Take her to your favorite greasy spoon for unforgettable French toast or outstanding omelets.

No.14 Amusement park

Your first date locale should make it easier, not harder, for you to get to know one another. An amusement park works well in this respect. Does your date have a wild streak? Is she willing to try new things? Is she running for the roller coasters or would she rather share an intimate moment on the Ferris wheel? 

Where you take a woman on your first date sends significant signals. Take her somewhere she's been a dozen times before and she'll think you're just like every other guy. Take her somewhere unusual, like an amusement park, and suddenly you're the source of new and exciting experiences.

No.15 The park

The very best first date locales work well regardless of what "type" of girl you're dating. It won't matter if she's athletic or artsy, introverted or out-going. A well-planned day in the park, for example, can be fun for anyone. Pack a picnic and include a decadent dessert. Buy a kite and assemble it together. Teach her how to throw a Frisbee. Plan a few different activities and you'll be sure to keep her interested at this first date locale.
Create your own picnic – Pick a nice spot near where you’re meeting up and swing by a grocery store or take-out restaurant for some quick eats before setting up camp for food and conversation with your new favorite person. There’s no need to spend a lot of money. Picnics are supposed to be simple and you want it to be about getting to know your date, not truffles wrapped in gold foil!
Feed the Ducks
Gather up your stale bread and feed it to ducks at a pond. Share some crumbs with children hovering around, and laugh at their excitement. Bring along fresh sandwiches and drinks for a picnic lunch next to the water.
Plant Trees
If you're the eco-conscious types, check with local environmental groups for an afternoon of planting trees and flowers at a city park. Your date will appreciate your commitment to the Earth, and you will appreciate working together for a good cause. Afterward, hit up a nearby health food store for fruit smoothies.

No.16 The zoo

Most people -- especially single people -- haven't been to a zoo in years, so your date will absolutely be original. Even better, all the animal antics will give you lots to talk about. And who doesn't have fun in a monkey house?

The other good thing about zoos is that they're frequented by families. Take your date to a dimly lit bar and buy her alcohol all night and she's understandably going to be on guard. Take her to a place teeming with kids and koala bears, and she's going to feel comfortable and relaxed. She'll have more fun, and so will you

No.17 Miniature golf course

The miniature golf course is another relaxed environment that makes for a great first date locale. Plus, your date probably hasn't played mini-golf since she was a kid, which makes it an original date locale. The pace of the game also provides lots of opportunities for conversations and flirting, and you'll get to know her better while you play. Is she competitive? Can she laugh at herself? Does she have a temper? Easy and inexpensive, unconventional with broad appeal, the mini-golf course tops our list as the best first date locale out there.

No.18 a Drink or a coffee break

This is one of the safest, and therefore one of the most-used first date ideas. You can make things a bit more adventurous by visiting a jazz club or finding a bar that will teach you to make new drinks. Of course, you could always go and grab some bottled water. =)

No.19 Eat in

Do you already have great cooking skills? If so, break ‘em out for an early dinner! You might want to check for possible food allergies before you start sharing your iron chef skills though.Or Take a cooking class together .  Master the art of separating egg whites, and taste each other's tartes straight out of the oven. If your soufflé falls flat, promise to make him your infamous pesto linguine another night.

No.20 Botanical Garden

Smell the roses at a botanical garden. Wind your way through manicured lawns and groves of blossoming trees, taking the time to sit near the fountains. Sip cups of tea at the outdoor café, and enjoy the romantic scenery.

No.21 Pub

Suggest a brewery tour and he'll think you're the coolest girl in the world. Make the factory setting more romantic by playing footsie during the introductory video and holding hands during the bottling demos. By the time you're ready to taste-test, he'll already be drunk on love.

No.22 Comedy club

Laugh together at a comedy club improv show. Be prepared to play along if the actors pull you onstage at some point in the evening. Your date will think you're easygoing and fun, and he won't be able to stop talking about the girl with the wonderful sense of humor.

No.23 Learn to dance

Sign up for an hour of swing dancing lessons. Even if he's not light on his feet, he'll enjoy grabbing your waist and twirling you around. Stay for the all-couple dance session afterward to get more practice — or as an excuse to keep touching each other.

No.24 Play Games at the Arcade

Challenge him to a Dance Dance Revolution duel at your local arcade. Buy a bucket of quarters and play each game at least once, keeping track of your wins. After you're out of tokens, count up your tickets and the one with the highest score gets to pick out a prize.

No.25 Go - karts

Race around a track in go-karts. Take turns behind the wheel to prove you don't "drive like a girl," and have fun trying to knock cocky teenage boys off course. If you're really feeling frisky, suggest driving your own cars for the ultimate Speed Racer showdown.

No.26 Go Horseback Riding

Take the reins and plan a get-together on horseback. Find the nearest stables and rent two trail horses for the afternoon. If neither of you have much equestrian experience, take a couple of laps around the arena before trotting out into nature. Hopefully, you'll be galloping together in sync before you know it.

No.27 Visit the Museum or bookstore

Marvel over dinosaur bones at the natural history museum. Trail behind a tour group to hear folklore from ancient Mesopotamia, and spend a couple of hours analyzing Egyptian artifacts. Once you've walked through all the rooms, grab a table at the café for sandwiches and intellectual-yet-flirty conversation.

No.28 Play Tennis

Impress him with your killer serve on the tennis courts. Keep the competition friendly by volleying back and forth, then challenge him to a real match to show off your skills. For a low-impact option, take him to a recreation center for a lively game of Ping-Pong.

No.29 Wine tasting

Going wine tasting gives you a legitimate reason to have a few drinks to help your first date nerves! Learning something new together is a great way to bond and build on any common interests. If you fancy something non-alcoholic, try your hand at a cooking or dancing or class instead.

No.30 Bike ride across the beach 

Free, fun activities are great when money's tight and enjoying the outdoors is one of the best. Unlike going for a long walk, a bike ride means you don't have the pressure of having to find constant conversation. Take a picnic and stop for some nice leisurely breaks together.

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