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Wrong or right ?

What is right and what is wrong?

I don’t get the right idea ..

From when are you wrong when you don’t do other commands with purpose to harm yourself ? And when i say harm i mean and literally or psychological too.. Is it right when there is no logic arguments ..

You know when you are following the physic continuing and suddenly someone do things behind your back and he thinks you are so idiot to understands them and likes playing with you and command you .A person you truly care about and love like me . But he doesn’t gives you the same respect back and it wants more things ..Things could demote you in front of him , in every part in your life ..Ok i am sorry if i can be a kind heart person with huge smile but also with cruel heart sometimes ..Cruel in his eyes - to explain myself .. i like making players’ life hard ..I want to trust a person , and te person i adore most has this behavior to me … Why am i blind when i can have so many flirts around me …

Yeah they are right .. You are wrong only cause they want things to do for their pleasure.But in te end dear you will be te only loser in this case. . EEh wake up don’t get the Wrong idea ! just let them think you are idiot !!!!!!! Let them to think to be the boss, if only words makes them happy.

My mistake was that when i said it i meant it .But now i don’t know .. Emotion took over my body and when all guys wanted me i wanted only him …Sarcastic but is the truth ..The only person i want to communicate and share my love …

ARE THEY REALY CARE ABOUT? oR They talk to you when their dicks say it !!!!!!

You are good only when you are hot or sexy but you are never beautiful..

you are something secret .. something hidden .. Like the other hidden things… Are you sure that you are a lucky charm or not?

Is it just a game… Cause if it is…There so many girls having the same problem ..

If they want to play , don’t show mercy, Just play them ..

And torture them , cause he doens’t deserves anything more when you can be proud for what you are !

“I miss u and i care dear show me space and give my time !”

-»»So raise your glass and say “cheers !!!!

For new days coming …”


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