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A Mysterious Guy

He keeps you company in the world you’ve created together. Almost your life ! Flirting eyes escape fleetly when you pretend to be just two unknown people . His heart trembles .. Hiding yourself is not always a good idea but for him a mask is the best way to approach you while you sleep peacefully , he will find you wherever you are .. Inside night a phantom ..In your dreams too so do not be scared about night”s veil . You will fell in his trap as long as he is sure about is abilities so e will not left behind any tracks. A sip f is mysterious aura , an interesting plan inside is his mind and fine a naughty grin captivates you . A dark powerful spell . paralyses you Chains around your body are tight .. You ve just waken up .. it has been a sleep that everyone had thought of you closing your eyes forever .. He is there and you are his lady.Dead for others alive only about him Face to face .. No more lies, no more excuses ..His dark attitude signs you while himself is mirrored into your eyes and see all his memories inside them …


I ve inspired of Borgia Adventures


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