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Love - Trust - Betrayl

I don’t ask many things ..I wanna feel real love taking over my body ..

Why is so difficult to trust someone ?

Maybe is the fear of being betrayed in future ..Your new revealed partner’s character , a person you have not recognized before so your love inside your veins is going to waste … Those have most power to hurt us, that we love ..

Love dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds but leaves beautiful scars under our skin…

I cant stand ..Rumors..Secrets, lies, Disinterest ,Coldness,Coalitions against him,Disrespect,Violations of commitment,Breaking promises,Lack of sexual interest..You should have watched all from different corner .Actions we never have done and thoughts we never say can guide us to cliff …Things we could have done and we didn’t.. cause we are so proud about ourselves and also arrogant or we tend to be selfish forgetting love means “share one heart “

Where is a gentle hand when you need to catch it while you fall?

Where is a soft whisper next to your ear that everything is ok ?

Where is a warm hug when you feel alone?

A single smile can make you happy !

A silent glance make you speechless .When eyes and a simple caress have so much to tell you..

Love is a light we try to keep inside our soul … Is when you give something to someone .. feelings or whatever and a his smile is enough to please you with out waiting for a change !Things are simple but people tend to be complicated.. cause no one speaks directly , or wrong actions can make troubles.. If a man loves a woman he will never let her go and if a woman is in love with someone she will be angry at him with no reason cause she cares about him ..

Nothing’s even more happier than to see a person appreciates you, accepts you in hardtimes, comforts you when troubled, loves you no matter what!


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