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Night thoughts

I feel so lonely , sick and ready to collapse..

And i wanna blow and destroy everything ..

Yeah my perfect image is not as perfect as people believe.

And i don’t mean my outward appearance but my inner heart is broken to pieces.

Yeah this sexy chick is not the easy slut that someone could believe .In reality this wild and also unapproachable girl look for something true . She is kindheart and a sweet person looking for true friends. On the other hand she fights saying her opinion and asks for understanding.Someone who is capable of domesticate a wild tiger with a gentle caress using his mind as clever guy and also his passion brutal impulses to guide a woman..So many candidate lovers but noone is right.

How can i be perfect when my academic career has finished so suddenly . I don’t deserve it.Yeah i could be a stripper as a university teacher had told me but nowadays even if i start being a player my ethics code doesn’t allow me to follow that way.There so any times i think what i would have changed in past..Now it’s seems a big mistake .. A far away memory even though an illusion.. But it was a real continuing of facts .

It’s Friday night.. I had the chance to go out and have fun in one of the most famous clubs here but i didn’t wanted it . After crying and feeling hot tears burning my face i wanted peace and not going to dance. it’s enough for today .. i don’t know any other men glances and gazes to fall on me and then phone numbers invitations from so many guys i don’t know..To say the truth i don’t call them back except i am interested in one..

My heart want to go to the beach inside night and have a drink watching waves under millions of stars .Ok it seams very romantic , like a movie scene but for is perfect when you watch sunrise next to ocean.. :) i wish i could do this for one time in my life. Watching the colder sun smiling over sea with his fire lights . But is kind dangers that thing here with many malefactors , thieves , robbers and pervert people walking around.

Blah blah blah ..Zip your lips for Lord’s name ..

Ungrateful people everywhere ..You know when you can’t attract interest others attentions, don’t make other life hard.Still i know many who would look like me , leaving my life cause theirs is pathetic . Some people have the ability to degrade themselves.What can i do for that .. Get a life.. We walk all together but everyone has his place and can’t be changed.Anger and jealousy because i know who i am and what i want ..Sorry Guys but i have better things to do …

It’s so darkkkkkkkk… I am siting on second floo’s balcony of our house and i m looking Slamis and Psitalia islands house’s lights .Beautiful colorful lights are shining and mirroring to on sea surface.It’s the ilusion of a magic place but i am still in the old same neighborhood.And why don’t you pass with your car having loud from speakers ” Fly project - don’t say goodbye ” . I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY :D .

Anyway I should be in Brazil having my delicious cocktails or dancing in Caribbean parties .Why not to dance in cubaaaa :)

i should book tickets guys

so bye for now xoxoxo

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