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Broken arrow

Sometimes i feel like a broken arrow, lonely and captivated away of others

No one doesn’t understand me , and feel my emotions o kill me ..

How much i want a warm embrace , to get hiden inside and stay forever.

But who to trust when yourself can betray you.

You see yourself being destroyed by new behavior ..

Is really you ? or just you ve change and everything good in you have get lost in darkness

I miss a gentle caress when there is so Pride and prejudice between us and you better understand that your behavior is a war against me.

Why don’t you stop looking down me and come here show me gently your feelings ..

i can stay forever and you know it , and you know too that you ve broken our balance with the other girl .

i m so sorry for the torture i give you by ignoring you but did you really want know the truth .. i tried to call you back but i have’t money why you didn’t call me back again , i was out of home .. wondering and thinking .. You should have leave a menage and i really shower to God you would have an answer .

Why things are so complicated ? why you get in the middle without thinking ?

I had seen your behavior that’s way i stooped moving straight to you

because you fell in my trap and my thoughts came true.

Things could be different ..

I don’t hate you believe me but also i congratulate you think we haven’t understand anything and i amuse with that .You dn’t know how many times i spell your name cause i want to speak at you from my love …Just be careful cause people you think they love you didn’t sympathize at all .. and me i am not one of them

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