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A Cool Evening

Wind blows gently trees’ green leaves.A cool breeze makes my body shiver this summer evening .My palm tree in front of me dances in the rhythm summer.Roses , lilium and narcissus flowers lend their beauty and their precious perfume .My garden look like a work of art even if spring had pass and July comes in few days .Small birds flying over and there on tree branches , sparrows singing their sweet melody when swallows look for nests .Besides white gulls are flying over my head as i am siting at my balcony ,watching the dark blue sea.Wild waves appeared in her surface asking to swallow and also destroy everything passes on their way. Only few boats go sailing with their loyal fishermen looking for the catch of the day.Ι can hear the voices from the local harbor.Next to boats fishermen darn their nets in teams or five people or more.Three - four dogs pass by looking for food next to tavern trash bins or follow people& going for walk on jetty between yachts .People having fun in seaside with water games and adore the last sun light before gets dark .Some of the they sit in banches and with a cold coffee, a cool beer on right hand or a delicious hamburger inside their left hand and enjoy the sunset .The collor of sun lights when plunges inside water is amazing..A golden tone becomes a strong orange dissipating in the air, and a soft blush of red like a woman’s cheeks leaves the last breath when night falls down. I enjoy this beauty of God with a Martini on the rocks waiting for stars coming out as i relax , like a hero from a movie i am the protagonist in my life .So sweet flavor made with gin and vermouth, and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist .It can be Vesper or Dirty cocktail but i would like to have a glass of rum too . Motorcycles and cars pass in front of me like dreams so fast as my thoughts , so noisy like my trembling heart looking for adventure .It so beautiful like a colorful painting full of life.


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