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Hello all how was your day? Im pretty fine thanks :) and i have a full day with my friend Elena shopping therapy at Piraeus city and Lunch at Small Port next to ships and boats and not forgetting cafe mochaccino at the coolest cafe bar with the view of sea . Im just blogging and listening classic music .iT'S kINDA Crazy about this time AT 01.35 am but according to scientists scientists t is good for falling asleep. I really dont know just chek Vivaldi - Concerto for Two Mandolins and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 21 . I prefer the second :). Anyway that is an article about my favorite scenes at ERIC AND SOOKIE ROMANCE FROM TRUE BLOOD with my comments about relationships .Feel free to drop a comment plz :)

Have you ever though of me ?
An idea can be the beginning , the sparkle of start sympathizing each other and later the flame of passion .Just an innocent though of admiration . :D it happens to all .It doesn't matter what people think of you , it only matters the opinion about her and hers about you :) It doesn't matter if you are criminal mind or the bad guy as always all believe .It doesn't mind if you are shy and timid , it's cute too .She looks to you like an non touching dream or it can be a simple game .You know you have to play in the love game .

Invite me In .

Just when a man takes control ,is that exactly what women like .
show the power of your Masculinity .
Grape her hand ,Hit you hand on the table , push her on the wall .
It's understandable envying your opponents and try to show superiority.
Even you are right and women don not what they want exactly .This is the aim of flirting .
Dominate but don't press women cause you will have the opposite result.

Do you want more?

A really realistic dream with five senses 100%.
Yeah it's hard to explain if you see a dream or you live it .
FIRST It's exactly when you understand you are falling in love.
When emotions takes you over fully and you feel a continuing beating such breathless .
Some wet day or night dreams can happen . Man or woman both sides can keep a sin secret very hide from the other .Next time you will dream something like this go and kiss your future partner . SECOND Is good for your health and maybe surprise healthy your favorite person .And maybe unlock his hidden inner hot and crazy lover personality.You will beg for more .On the other hand if your future parterre go mad Don't worry if be harsh to you , later will consider the opportunity to start a relationship better .

Blah Blah Blah ..... Silence let actions speak ..
You ve seen signs .She speaks you with sweet tone and smiles with your jokes .She likes teasing you and You know there is a chemistry between but she is adamant , cold and difficult to express her feelings about what going with you two . Do not go away .She will get desiponted .She wants you to hunt her , like a good hunter in tropic forest of Amazon .What is better , hit by your bullets or from crazy lions out there ?Show her how precious she is and as good hunter have patience .Yeah it is also kinda spasmodic for you but i bet you are good hunter showing pure as a male and have faith on you . Sure you will have with your side soon . Bring her unprepared situation but remember me she will be right strait on you if you express feelings and during charge of the moment probably she will accompany you following your moves .

Gosh we have to say many things !Keep doing good job. YOU ARE IN A GOOD ROAD

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