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A dream of you

I saw a dream last night.
i can't catch you but most time you tease me ...
why do you do this?
and while i was wandering out of Morpheus door, i felt in a secret passage of his world and the labyrinth of fantasies appeared in front of me .
haunted in the beginning, scary of the dark shadows and cold .
maybe i ve been in a forest , with trees with out leaves just only dried twigs..
The ground so harsh from the rocks and slippery from the rain ...
Zep your amulet on your chest brings me a warm light.. I now that you are wile your green eyes loo at me but i am afraid of touching you ...So cold sometimes but you tend to be also so tricky and elfish ..The darkness of your heart, the sin you have made don't leave you to rest in peace.
How i wish i could touch your face once again..But these chains burn your hands , and sure you ve been bored inn this stone prison.
Alone, forgotten ,forsaken and forbidden !! Thirsty and without soul but you fell in love once.
maybe it hurts reminding off that fact but it has eradicated your heart..
I am so sorry my sweetheart ,you also made laugh of me in the past and i fell in your sneaky traps.You now , u could be better if your jealousy of owing something , didn't destroy your passion of interest ..Play again one song with this guitar and sing the lyrics of your heart .Words that you can't express and mysteries that you try to solve in this game of love.
I can't approach you but you wait me..
Some creepy sounds from ghosts between the trees...I hear and try to hide running inside this black velvet cape of night.
Screams up high to the grateful ll god follow me and trap inside my mind ..Feeling so anxious and scared too like a fugitive in the midnight .
And suddenly a hand on my shoulder
it's not so hard as i think
As i see ,i close my eyes to feel your breath ..
. I am ready to let you guide me in this lie :)


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