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  • ISBN: 978-960-691-853-7
  • Pages: 300
  • Dimensions: 16,8Χ24
  • Cover_Type: ΜΑΛΑΚΟ
  • Τιμή: €14.90

For Zantal cooking was like an erotic experience. She believed that love and eating only when inspired by the passion worthwhile. The Zantal does not cook; she was flirting with the materials. For this reason, she chose as first lobster dish with cream of asparagus and mushrooms. She would go with lamb, duck foie gras with truffle sauce and wild rice and would end with a sweet touch nest chocolate mousse with strawberries and champagne. Standing behind the stainless steel bench, stroking the materials with eyes, hands and nose. She saw in the tough lobster wanted to distinguish between a man and the red color of bring to mind the moment of climax, when the blood boiling and trying to escape by skin burnsing In asparagus, especially in thick asparagus of Marseilles, saw a perfect representation of the phallus; mushrooms in the tender flesh of the female internal valley, the sacred spring from which gushes the balm of believers who worship; foie gras in the exuberant, almost predatory taste sex; in truffle aroma of liquid love; chocolate dependence on sin, while the mousse champagne celebration and triumph of love, which is both delicate and innocent sinner like strawberries. The Zantal, muse of taste, praising the joy of life, giving impetus to all the materials of nature.

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