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Me at one of my night out evenings at carnival time :) as a hot demon >:P

Angels and Demons byLesley Hallam

An angel weeps in the clouds above
their tears crash down around us,
mixing with our own and hiding our shame.
Drowning out the cries of our lost love,
the ruins of our hearts desires
lay scattered all around.

Demons from our past haunt us,
laughter ringing form the shadows.
Mocking our lives, touching the pain
drowning out the cries of our lost life,
scattering the pices of outr hearts,
never to be whole again.

Are you an Angel or a Demon
that does this to me?
An Angel sent to help me heal?,
to show me how to live again?
A Demon sent to help me die?
Watching my lifes blood flow away.

An Angel holds me in his arms
and soothes my fears away
making me feel safe.
A Demon laughs as he watches me die,
gives me the knife to kil myself
and makes me feel worthless.
Are you an Angel or a Demon?

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