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9 Female fantasies

1) The mistress .... She will catch her man by his hair and will draw up the bed making him think that she has and has not dared to implement ..

2) The slave and the lady ..... She will say "my master go to bed now" . She wants wildness , she wants you to pull her hair even to spank or slap her.

3)Private lessons .... This woman wants to be a teacher .. Wearing glasses and having a ruler.

4) Two strangers ..... Going to drink or have a meal, you start again from the beginning of your relationship and finally all end up in a bed.

5) My Doctor, what should i do? ..... In this role play we all know the doctor game .Only in this case it would be better, your specialty to be a gynecologist.

6)Sex EVERYWHERE .... All women have thought of it. Do it where you are.

7)MY LOVE ,they look at us.... If the girl likes you so much , you can do it in public places risking to see you.

8) I want you to pay me .... and you come back fom job and have a passion for her, she does not let you touch her and asks you to pay

9) Occupation Stripteaser .... She will make your fantasy existence ...

to be continued ... i don't feel good,i ve got fever ,to write more tomorrow be continued ...

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