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Winter in Mousounitsavillage

January 1910 -1 to 2011. Winter Walks in 2011 Moussounitsa.
As we were in a village and the weather was relatively good for its time and area, we decided to just walk in and out of the village. So we left the village and walk until we reached Fterlakoma. As we went lure and various photographs.
Some of them will see below.
The photographs were shot by Bill and Nicholas A. Bouza.

Basil A. Bouza with Sotiris Roufagala and are ready to begin the walk to the Fterlakoma ...

The bridge leading to the old fountain at the exit of the village

The water flowing from above, and concentrated, it passes beneath the bridge and falls into the following river.

The view of the snowy peaks of Vardousia as seen from the village center.

A view of the snow Vardoussia, of St. Elias, Korakas
νων Βαρδουσίων ,του Αι Λιά ,του Κόρακα

The view of the eastern Vardoussia over Athanasios Diakos as shown
telephoto from St Elias

The view of the snowy peaks of Vardousia which is above the village, crow etc. as seen from the location Gerouli.

After 2 hours of walking we reached the final Fterlakoma

The rural dirt road in the woods that leads from Fterlakoma the church of Prophet Elias, where each year is festival ....

After some hours of rest in Fterlakoma got his way again
return to the village

Nick A. Bouza in antenna, and back view behind the village

Again in our sources, the ditch that feeds water to irrigate the village

Sunday 01/02/2011 New Year's Pie in Moussounitsa.
The central square and the shop Lambros Roufagala
, Festively decorated and illuminated along the
spirit of the season to give pleasure to residents
the village.

Sunday 01/02/2011 New Year's Pie in Moussounitsa.

-The cutting of New Year's Pie was in his shop Lambros Roufagala located in the central square. The New Year's cake was tender
Embellishment Association. The event was attended by more than 30 people ... Attended by the president and vice president of T.S of Eq. Association k.os John Sarlis.
Pie cut Takis plug. And the coin fell to Kiki Touba.
Happy New Year to all

Sotiris Roufagalas and Vassilis ATH. Spark plug on the balcony of the store
Lambros Roufagala after cutting the New Year Pie.

January 2011 Moussounitsa
After Christmas we went for a short vacation in the village. The winter weather was clear and the mountains on top had a little snow. So we took some pictures of surrounding areas, inside and outside the village. Photos shot by Basil A. Bouza. Some of them see below.

The tops of Vardousia, Crow, Apano Ailios etc, as seen from the village of paliolakes.

The villages and Kastriotisa Mavrolithari as seen from the site Kakodouka.

The small waterfall at Kavourorema oposton seeing now as we enter the entrance of the village.

A lot of nice winter picture with stunning views of the surrounding area on the landscape and roads at the entrance - exit of the village, pulled from the site Lakoules.

View Vardoussia through the village from the main road.

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