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28 October - OXI DAY

Ευχαριστώ και τον apmoy70 οποίος βρήκε και ανέβασε αυτό video που πρόβαε ο ΣΚΑΙ,Eυχαριστώ όσους διαθέτουν ιστορικές πηγές και συμβάλλουν στην μετάδοση της γνώσης

Every year on 28 October Greeks celebrate the Anniversary of the "Ohi",this day is a National Holliday in Greece but It's celebrated throughout Greece ,Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world.....................

HISTORY of 28.10.1940 :
Grazzi an Italian ambassador was presented to Metaxas and showed him an ultimatumon ..on October 28 , 1940 dawn at 04:00 AM. He wanted to allow Axis forces to enter Greek territory and occupy certain unspecified "strategic locations" .But Metaxas answered with the world " όχι" (no) .After that the Ηellenic radio announced on 28,10,40 at 05.30: Here, Athens's radio station, The Italian military forces is coming in Greek-Albanian borders .... our forses defends our motherland's territories.

THE EPIC OF 40:Greek army had many victories against Italian forces.After the failure of Mussolini the German forces came to Hellas and tried to enslave Greek people.In the end they killed also many persons from the Italian army and look for Greeks high on mountain villages too.After much malaise and hard situations Hellenes managed to drive off them and win Freedom...
Live free...and try to make the world better

Heroes fight like Greeks


Jacklin said...

Salut... Je m'appelle Jacklin .Je viens de France .. Tres bien !!Il est vraiment génial ..C'est super!!
Je ne sais pas.. if you understand me :PPPP mais ton article pour oxi-"non" jour c'est tres sympa :) .
i have heard this war story by mon amie ..Merci beaucoup pour vos informations utiles ainsi que pour votre précieux concours.

elselenia said...

Salut Jacklin :)

Comment ca va? je t'espere tu vas bien!! Je parle bien francais et je te comprends..Je suis heureux que tu aime mon blog :D .Alors gardez de lecture :)

Grosses bises!!

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