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A sip of Cafe au Chocolat

How much do i love drinking my freddo Cafe au Chocolat in front of a summer sunset. Shaken with strange ice cubes making me laugh and also sweet with the sensitive scent of mocha . I have also a small bowl with sweet cookies,and a piece of apple pie next to it! Actually it companies my thoughts as i m laying down this old chair writing my thoughts down on a simple white paper .Some times words have so much power turning paper to a fantastic story.Yeah i could be an writer!Magic of coincidence is my specialty !

My view is amazing cause my house is located high on the hill of Egaleo mountain . Gold sun with fir able radius caresses the blushing sea.A cool sip Of my coffee and all heaven's colors inside my glass .Deep blue becomes red from this and red plays with gold sun flowing sky with an orange color .I can see the quiet sea,from the navy repairing zone to nearest beach right of me !There are two huge cruise ships but they seem so small inside my fingers !!Boats are sailsing next to huge Lighthouse at island Psitalia ! It can be used as house in summer months !His light inside darkness is amazing! Historic place! that's where Famous Battleship of Salamis took place ages ago!Greeks against Persian people with the Xerxis throne in the top of the mountain.Yes it still exists!Hollywood should take a look here for new movies!

"Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name"

My blue tripod table is shaken by the rock rhythm Of Bon Jovi like an earthquake !My wet lips whisper the song as i take off my sunglasses with brown celluloid and a huge grin ia shaped on my face.Remind of the trip with the red audi cabriolet to Greek high way !But in that case a drunken team of friends sang "Born to be wild" one on other!Passing tunnels inside High mountains, and crossing green plains and seeing farmers at fields shouting "Hello" and greeting them.Curt hills with wild flowers , dense forests you have to explore with huge lakes for swimming and long rivers to fish Solomon but also full of pathetic mosquitoes.Tents and sleeping bags around fire !Horror stories make kids fantasy run!And then "the serious blond guy hit car's door and got in .His leg pressed the clutch, changed gear, turned the wheel and by Pressing throttle he speed up .I felt so free stretching my hands out and left my body up , i was ready to fly and i sang with all my power when next track on radio was "You give love a bad name".!

Mocha chocolata yeah! This evening i close the door to all that make me fell sad ,complicated or mad! Throwing bad thoughts away and dreaming of you! The honest and hottest person i know. so honest that you become bad to say truths , so hot i wanna kiss you and never let you go away!I want to breath under a moment of peace and calmness too as the etherius smell of sensual floral fragrance travels in the air.Jasmine, orange flower, natural florals, and white amber musks great for seduction. But my dear dog "Bruno" don't stop barking . He doesn't bite , he just want to eat my dinner and puts me in trouble again!Shawls everywhere on the huge window door and litle paw prints like happy but dirty decoration! and This porcelain plate with tasty and colorful goodies shines on the blue metallic table so I have to go after him in this 15 balcony meters!Yeah you can play football there i know from my male friends behaving like young kids!A place always full of place cause i like inviting my friends and relaxing all together after a tiring day! I love cooking and i like to prepare dishes for them!I love to please others like that cause it makes me happy too. cause they adore my cooking abilities Always strike their glasses and say "Cheers" ,some times "Bottoms up ".I have been bored boys fighting who is going to try my next plate first but i find it like a good compliment xD. They can eat whatever i let in front of them :D It's my pride someone said that friend are the siblings you choose ! I love them , my huge family!

Someone rings my door's bell!

Cafe au Chocolate is finished .
Stars dancing free board on the night sky and now is time for a Martini on the rocks !

By Vicky G.B

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