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Scent of a Woman

The sweetest perfurme and mysterious aura in the world.

So fruity and also floral like a smal pale baby.In her huge eyes the world seeems chaotic but she is ready to explore it.Except for baby powder the litle girl dazzles in shiny things shearching all diamonds in the sky!Impressed by the gold ornaments asks for many toys,gifts in tresure chest and pearls in ocean's depth .She will be upset if she can't have them and she tears will flow on her rose chicks.Angry with eyes of wrath can't satisfly her vamity and envy goes stronger.But as though she growls who can realy get angly cause she is just a small stupid baby making idiot ]]decisions cause need someone to guide her.Open gently your hands and she will fell in ! She knows that nothig is so importan than you !!If your eyes feel o her glance you will understand that she is thirsty for your caresses ,a God's gift for her.So strong feeling of your prestance she could die inside your palms

So toyable fruity with the sent of crusty cinamon and cherry represends a lovely lady.Singing melodic stories of passion that she want to live, maybe in a magic world of buterflies inside dark forest with his other half of ther coin .Whispering fantasies and denying the erotic lovers' calls QUIET in their ear.Not all of course.Only the continually pathetic invitations having not right to listen to and making mad from candidates.Yes she can be avarice but she knows how can grows their desire ,it's her magic!Her speciallity! A secret spell ! A destiny play can captivate her .Why she doesn't keep her mind on it .Classy and Intelligent knows that gluttony is not a good thing.It wouldbe the best thing for thm to serve her but sloth prevent feeling emotions and live situations.Sofisticated with an erotic face shows her beauty asking for love.

It doesn't matter if sensuall vanilla or tantalizing pear,juicy orange or naughty jasemine with wild chery try to seduce you !She will not admit, but maybe you have found her heart compination and her desire flame burns her whole body.She gives you the signals!She loves the way you move, the respect you vent to others maybe also the way you lie.Please her and she will please you back!That's the rule !With red lips burn,and fast breath inside her breasts ready to kill her from her lust waits for you .She is sueten and his fever burns her!"Hi baby"She wiil grab you and belive me wil not be able to go anywere .One step next her watching her callin your name smiling naughty on a bed and destance will reduced Drive her unknown pleasure roads and you wll reget it. A soft skin against yours .Big trouble.You know it's right and she gives you back kisses while your fingers travels on her body,on her vexed curves pressing all her body down to bed!

Scent of a Woman..This mysterious auvra aproaches you! So mystical, so inossent goes in your mind and finally a sexy idea on your bed!Like a delicious plate full of colors to apeall you and a mixing of different ingredients ,different flavors become one ready to taste it ! And all charcteristics combines a woman!!

BY VickyG.B.

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