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Naughty fairytales

Once a pon a time there was a litle girl.Her name was Kiki and loved listening to fairytales by his daddy mouth!!Impressed by the pure beauty of girls,the knowlege of characters and magic sceneries with old huge castles ,undecover forests and cool lakes to explore!With handsome princes rulling their authority of people and also their land,fighting to save the wold!In the end they get the girl.She loved litle red hood.All fairy tales close with the passing of childhood to adult situation.Years ve passed and litle girl become a woman .She still finds fairytales fasinating but also she tends to think that they are boring and stories for little kids cause she knows that these storiess can't be.Reality is more complicated and daily routin keels the magic.But still has her dreams .The abbility to imagine a better wold.Why litle red hood can't grow older wearing a red sexy dress and red fire highhells with a oriental parfum!Bella to be a sophisticatd librarian and cinderela a naughty maid!
Have you ever thought fairytales can have a different side.Not in such pink color,violets,smiles and cute things.I am talking of adult fantasies away fom kids imagination.Fairytales can be naughty meaning if yo think better!
How beast could be in control when sees Bella

Bites the temptation apple and hides te prince

Cinderella should undress after the ball

they left together

Little mermaid is a fish temation ready to eat it

Maybe someone wants Sleeping beauty bed.

Fairy dreams

Snow white bites the apple
Alice is redy to live ne adventures!

One of best flowrs of arabia!
who is going to hit this bad girl?

Read shoes alwaysshow long legs

Who said wild beauty is not deadly sexy

An if you could collect everything..

Happy while girls playing

Scandalous Muffet

Tight hard

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