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Moon - selene

PHOTO BY my brother Nicholas with Nikon and tamron len 70-300mm from our house balcony!

The Moon is huge but you can’t separate it between block of flats and skyscrapers.The Moon shines the inside night’s dark veil. It hides secrets , thoughts , actions ….Moon laughing us and make us forgetting our problems .So we look the sky and travel up to silver and golden lines of the canopy of heaven with our thoughts ….

But it’s not dead , it’s an alive organism Earth’s satellite but also has three female faces. They are known as the three Selene’s Goddesses at Ancient Greek Literature. Of course they are sisters and their names are : Artemis , Selene , Hekati. Artemis is the New Moon. She symbolizes freedom, youthful years, youth. She was also called Phibi and Lisizonos besides she is fecundity’s and also virginity’s protector . Selene took her name by the Greek word which means light. (Such us North Selas)She is the erotic one and Hyperion’s and Thias’s daughter .She is famous for falling in love with a human man, a sheep keeper, Endimion .People believe that whenever the Moon isn’t full neither the half one , meets Endimyon at mountain Giona. This is next to mountain Vardousia , that Fokida , in Greece.Selene gave him immortality. When Endimyon fell asleep , he wouldn’t be old. Hekati is the biggest sister and . She is the Dark Goodness cause representing the dark side of the Moon .She is known for her revengeable personality , her justice, magic , Heleysinia ceremonies ,and her relations with Down Earth (Ades).She also helped Dimitra to find her daughter Persephone has been kidnapped by Plouto-Ades…

Most of us believe that the Moon consists of dust and solid ground but there was a big civilization .Today we know only about his surface and only the things are talked to us by tv, such as the moon’s seas( south sea and Harold sea), mountains(Apennine ,Roney),craters
( iparxos ,anaxagoras ,Hercules etz)Only few people knows that there are ruined cities and ruins cause they don’t show us. Of course anyone can find pictures, videos with the help of organisms and bureaus .

Vicky G.B.

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