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Dear Enemy

Don't be my friend if you don't wish it!
Don't come to me with a caring look!
Don't try to approach me with a cold heart!
Don't show me these cold empty hands cause i will burn them!!
What if my reflection appeals you ,one more of your fetish!
Belch me or swear sweet words i don't care anymore..

Be my opponent! Be my biggest addiction !
My deep wrath! My dark thought!
That one i can't live with out it!
A worthy opponent not an idiot little rascal!Not a pathetic rat!
Teasing me with silly tricks that you believe are huge plans of my allegiance !
Follow me forever and hunt my shadow!

You will always do what i want with closed eyes,inside my traps!
Whatever i'm saying for you it will be pleasure,down from you cold face!
You will learn to obey me ,my orders will be your nightmare!

Power , control , dominion !!
No more lies!! Face me and don't ask for chance! Or let me won!
Yeah ignore me I enjoy it you can't imagine how much :) !You hhahahha!
I am wander what you will say if suddenly i come in front of you !
i don't ask or want anything from you !Believe me Just a good mooring and a goodnight!!!!!

U didn't understand yet !
i am not angry with you just a bit furiously excited !But not mad!
You want me like crazy!!!
Like a blind looks for light!!!
I confess i had really creepy thoughts about you !But you don't want to look the devil into eyes!
And i enjoy it helping you while saying sweet words!And you become mad what carzy behavior !
And your fire inside you grows stronger with every glance of me !
Are you so strong as you think? Opposites attract each other!
Don't blame me look what game our life plays!

You earn my interest ,you MADE IT!
you can touch me and you can play but not this time! I am a virus eating your flesh flowing to your heart!
Emperor your death is near before the duel leave these
two lovers to listen the echoes of the seas from dawn to dusk and then vanish them on the air like morning stary dust!
Thank you for the hours you were thinking me!
More than you say , more than you tell, more than you hide !!!
I smile and i walk !

But remember you would be a very good ally and could be my best friend !!i Really admire you Arrogant boy!My dear enemy!
Cu !!

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