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I was alone yesterday night and my desire burned myheart inside .

I felt sad and for once i though of calling him..........................
How he could be with me ?
It's forbidden. This love can't be and it kills me inside.
I am staying here on the old wooden chair and The cool breeze is only my companion with the stary night my sad background.I m watching the pure candle flames ,like small fairies are dancing around me .So weired feeling.Maybe my fairytale is collecting his pieces.The words i whisper melancholic lyrics of a nostalgic song .An hymn travels with sweet wind caress to chronicle my romance story . But how cold is tonight? Naked trees' twigs dancing at fretboard rhythm by aether blowing .It's a summer evening but is not hot nither warm air exist .It looks like dream.. The fresh rained ground smells like amethyst perfume .Some rain drops are still falling and make love with the dark ocean down there hides secrets thoughts and truths never come on the surface.Let waves take my ideas and bury in sad my thirsty imagination . If i turn on the radio a violin melody will overflown the atmosphere .This emotional song make me want to cry that i don't know why. I cant describe in words this wonderful composition .It's whole world praises our passion !!

"Chruch,chrouch" someone is approaching .Is it danger?
Behind the tall trees and their dark shadows , a world of aching memories used to haunt me he is appeared.My love is here!I belong with him and he can't leave me behind.Not afraid of dreaming ,no more!I have seen his serious face before but it can be so protective ,strong and cable too. His thin lips grin ,is huge on his gentle face and his luminous eyes, so sparky than ever show his desire flame.He is here for me..Like a night gale in a golden cage i can't escape from him .
The blessing and the sweetest curse!


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