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july 2010 gYTHION

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GYTHIO is situated in the middle south of the greek peninsula Peloponnes.

Athens - Gythio: 271 kms.
Thessaloniki - Gythio: 773 kms.
Volos - Gythio: 581 kms.
Patras - Gythio: 277 kms.

Gythio - Mistras: 48 kms
Gythio - Monemvasia: 64 kms.
Gythio - Areopoli: 28 kms.

The journey can be made: Either by airplane to Athens with link flight (possibly also direct flight) to Kalamata and by using a rented car. (booked from a foreign country it is more economically than locally rented)

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