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Ishtar - Last Kiss Lyrics

Where the sands of time stop and illusions begin, in a world of dreams with the smell of incense ebrancing rosemary, and the view of cool blue lake inside nowhere .Like a nomad i lay on a quilt of jasmine and lemons behind me ,tasting sweet bloody cherries and praying to hear few whispers of wind but it's only the echo of the sand where my hypnotic eyes see.. V.B


Ishtar - Last Kiss

Desert has call out my name
I should go out there again
So I could hear somebody pray
And prayers will follow me yes

Ya hawa mali m'dounya
Wessnin wannaa mashya
Hayranna fill sahara

Won't you carry me
Faithfully over the seas
I'll open the sky
To kiss you goodbye

You gave up and you sacrificed
You wanted to be with the stars
So no one can read in your eyes
But have you said all your goodbyes

Ya hawa mali m' dounya
Wessnin wannaa mashya
Hayranna fill sahara


won't you carry me

i am so bored and i made an article about a very beautiful song .
Ishtar and Alabina sing..Last Kiss

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