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Kiss me, my love !!!

Please hear me , I ‘ m going insane ...

My heart is beating so fast and I ‘m not sure why so much enthusiasm boils my blood more than the heat of fire flames. And i know the reason why but I am so proud to admit it .Maybe is the projection to express my feelings. The fear of rejection.. The fear of trust ..An undercover lover..

A strong love can kill you or it can set you straight up to heaven .

Damn Your Eyes I surrender while your strong aura touching me, your gentle caress turns to darkest fire of my conviction .

Leave me to burn under your cool gaze and to vanish in your mysterious world.

Don't go away please. Do not hide behind the erebus shadows going away from me.. Please do not forget me!

Sorry !I know i tried to hide times behind my fingers but always you could find my cave touching my soul with the powers of your words ..

Day to day you mange me to fell in your traps.

Day to day your desire grows stronger ..

Day to day I like you more and more..

Talk to me , ..Talk to me please ..

Don't rush ...My senses are going to follow your moves if that is your will..

Kiss me ..

Kiss me ..Like never before this first time ....Kiss me like last time and make the moment lasts forever looking like a whole eternity non important inside sand of time..

Spoil me with Kisses so sweet that only one is not enough. Don’t you see my sparkling desire on my lips. As they say when you put a finger on a honey base you want it all..

Kiss me!!Let me feel your warm breath making rhythm sounds like a dance i want to join while your hug’s warm waves shivering my whole body.

Sweep me at a love game unwraping my wild instincts. Touch me deep and you don’t regret it where passion is part of the risk and melts my mouth, my body, and releases my soul like relief.

Whisper my name .. Say that you love me ..Like a drag drive me in the word of Illusions and let’s fly together where sky is painted by a colourful sunrise and dark blue ocean waves wait to fall in ...Give me the pleasure I have look for all night sky to find my sunning star..

As you see that i ask is your kiss ..A Simple hug with a quick grab like a bullet crossing air or pure poison fows from your veins goes straight to your heart .

What is the relief of being a saint when the temptation is knocking your door. How can you leave a weak heart broken when is thirsty for something never has not taste yet.

That is a sin .Do you call your self sinner my little saint ...?

Bless with your caresses this little girl demanding to seed her hungry let your lust take up to sky. Don't afraid the hell damnation, bring paradise inside your heart and keep strong flames of desire ..

In few words …

Kiss me !!! I want to see you tonight. I miss you…!

Vicky G. Bouza

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