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Illariy - A mi Tierra

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A CD from ILLARIY band Discography with the title ''A mi Tierra'' / My Land, for all lovers of traditional Andes music in South America and especially with Peruvian, Bolivian sounds ..... Music etc.
This season ,they are in Greece and give performances as street musicians traveling to big Greek cities. The band consists of brothers Eduardo & Carlos Villasis, the Jan gonzales, Enrique Villafuerte. In this album joined in the composer and songwriter Lakis Chalkiopoulos , with George Varsamakis and Mary Broz
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03.Amor andino
04.Ventana de los Andes
05.Falsas Promesas
07.No vuelvo a Amar
10.Piel MOrena
12.Mayata Tunkaru
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