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Why do women love vampires ?

After of watching many vampire movies and reading books with theme vampires at nights you start thinking that the perfect boyfriend is thousand years old, tall ,slim and he has pall complexion .He has fangs and lives in the near PENTHOUSE far away from others !!! And you call Bite Me or just you becking for a small bite !! Every kind of monsters were unearthed from twilight zone come to save us from boring every day routine!

With this introduction i comment and mock the modern fashion of our age "VaMPIRE Mania"!!Where male sex symbols have pale result of vampire culture...If we watch more closely we will see that today not only teens but also adult women are appealed by these mysterious and brutal creatures ..What do they make special and every boy hates them?Or just is it a brainwashing showing that a super being will come to save them wih purpose to get away from reality and their problems

Why do women love vampires ?

Really do you want to know the truth?


1)Question:FIRST OF All, many people from all over the world visit my blog.Last time i had 52607 VISITORS,and today until 5.31 p.m Gr time ,123 visitors ...I find logic some of you will ask me if i believe in vampires or if i think it's just a legend....


The only thing i believe is from genesis chapter 6 ..

GENESIS 6:1 Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, 2 that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose. 3 And the LORD said, "My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years." 4 There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they born children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

So why not sons of God, luminous servants can't have babies with Lilith first bride of Adam?
New powerful genres have been born ,maybe immortal for humans but even if gorgeous and handsome too ,they can be soulless and ugly too.. But this is another story.We 'll talk about it next time..

2)Question:You would probably wanted to ask me if i am addicted to them like everyone is crazy about them (vampire mania)..


No..i am a normal girl which is afraid of Death’s cold but sometimes can have some dark dreams and if I have the chance to touch someone’s cold heart I can do it .. I can do everything for the persons I love ... Maybe I find cool some of vampire behavior characteristics ,like this appealing and also seducing look but I can case that truth is a bit different from movies …


I am not going to tell you... ..Just a secret ...

But i can tell you that i have an idea of Lilith ,Valephor ,Balam, Zagan, ,Andrealfos Stories ..

And if you don't not believe me cause you hate these dark vampire stories , or just if you are from the persons that need evidences to believe something or you can psychotic with Dark Angels and you need answers ... Is ok .. i accept your opinions ..I tell you ,just have fun and spent great time with this cool but brutal "myth" of these demons watching movies and Reading why do women love vampires ?

5 reasons women love vampires

"Vampires " is an impossible dream for any kind of woman..

1)Vampires appeals women cause are powerful beings !!How doesn't want to have super abilities like manipulation of others by his mind , control 4 elements of Earth or just watching the future and having many other dark charismas...Also they can be Rich, sophisticated and always they know everything .After so many years as a part of human history. Not to forget their physic shape of their body. Usually they are slim, o and even if they have deathly white skin after drinking blood they are super fast like wind and very strong over human abilities defying the laws of gravity like super jump...So women loves well built body but also the intelligence of men are around them ...

2)In many movies always vampires love to be bad boys .. And when i say "bad boy " i don't mean the bad behavior at all, not of course killing everyone .For a strange reason always companies the mysterious appearance and the naughty and tricky behavior make fun of others just to have a enjoyable night... An elegant dark angel with evil mind some times ..He can say "no" and "i don't care " looking only his business. Also he can play with others so hey don't like him, so they do not sympathize him .Vampire guy doesn't care about their opinion ,just he live inside nowhere mystically and has his rules .. if a woman decides to follow him and his law, comes in a new mysterious word having whole the bad boy for herself..Women love bad boys with gentleman rules, cunning minds but also having knowledge of their duties and obligations too and more the consequences of their actions...A vampire is a monster, who looks, acts, and talks like a man. Who is passionate, romantic, and tortured.. They can defeat death, seduce anyone of their choosing, obliterate their enemies and stay up all night ..

3)Vampires are Romantic!! These blood drinking monsters..These dead bodies ...These forsaken beings to eternal darkness ..These immortal ,lifeless and also soulless creatures if they want can make a woman happy with their romance...They love romance !!I m sure that some of you will tell me.. that the point of a vampire is to drink blood so it's nothing more than a sexual invitation of a seduction game... ok maybe i ll agree with you but... According to Dracula story ,this lonely Prince of Darkness and his unique true love... We all know that vampires try to found the true love of their life..If we can say that they live forever , they have an eternity to search ("her")their soul mates...Really i don't know what brings a vampire closer to you.. Is it the sense of your blood? What do you make different from others? Or just you are a victim of their spell.. Your lovely neck.. So soft like a silk... Maybe you are the person who tries to save this bad boy..Maybe is cold-blooded monster but disguise himself like a human ..,I am sure that after centuries of wondering around with the moon behind them and their mysteries aura while they walk, trying to find their karma .They have been well practiced ..Maybe cause they use the phrase "i love u" when really they mean it .. And they are always careful in their moves about the person they really interested in .. They don't want more or don't ask for more.. "just i want to protect u" Is the exactly phrase u must remember ..But their glance is mysterious ,enigmatic and full of emotions .. if i had a man in front of me i would wanted to know what in hell he thinks...if they want to protect someone they are mood ,and they speak soft and sweet ,they can feel also embarrassment and difficult express their feelings for these reason there is this mysterious atmosphere .It’s very difficult for them to control their thirst and have a nice relationship. Time ,future will bring more ...Always they sneak into their lover's room every night. I think vampires don’t care about sex even if are Dead and Sexy ,they care more about how to offer pleasure only by sweet touching. Like kissing neck or playing with sweet spots asking gently for a little blood. Maybe this gentle action It's the reason that every girl wants to have sex with them. They put in your heart their charm and burning desire for you ,so You can’t wait for the day you will be bitten .Every woman needs a "person" who gives her idea that she is special and the only in the world ,so tries to find the one which is destinated to be with her.. Woman love this idea ..Maybe this emotion is when a vampire bite on lady’s neck, and for vamp guy, it is like a silver bullet in the center of his heart , a warm caress or just a stake in his cold heart ..One immortal love... , Love me tender, love me sweet, but a wild romp never hurt anybody. Forever together ,a dark romance!!Yeah guys! i want to be sure that when a man is next to me is strong enough to protect me and if he behaves against me only as unique. If i feel safe he can be my knight and let him "decode me "haha !!

4)Vampires have the ability to appeal women !!Like Incubus and Succubus, demons of night and as far away cousins have the charisma to seductive others. For their food

1) First of all they have cool appearance even if they have pure skin ..They are always well dressed and their clothes fits them really nice..
2)Their slim and well build body ,and also characteristic of their face .So eternal and so intense ... Vampires generally don’t come in shades of ugly...The color of their eyes ...Or just the huge fangs .

.Usually they chose clothes in dark colors but if i was a vampire(I say if) i will chose informal CLOTHING CAUSE i wouldn’t want to differ from others. I want to hide behind human appearance and to look and behave like every man .In some movies they had their x-tream dark clothing like leather uniforms and long capes but usually just they prefer dark tones ,like black ,dark blue, grey or brown is ok to show us their white skin ..Come on who believes that they have only white skin ,cause are they dead? Ok i agree ,most of them but It's supposed to be that vampires are from all the countries in this world ..if someone is modern vampire just a medallion ,a family ring and a T-shirt is enough evidence, but if he remembers old times he has just aristocratic style with gold elements and much lace, red or black ,dark blue noble clothing..
2)These cool eyes with the power to express their emotion can put you under their spell...Under their magic they can manipulate you..But if really they don't want to hurt someone ,they give him the power to choose ,cause believe that living like a soulless monster walking alone with the passing of centuries is a miserable life..Vampires seduce, and women are helpless to resist their power. Their kind words can convince other to their rules and to their way of their life

5)Vampires are lonely. Walking quiet, Wandering around ,Waiting for eternity..Hoping for a whole life, and hating things that they can't bear...Usually they don't have many friends ..they can find one two person to run a business together like destroying things haha but Vampires loves working alone..All together is a huge team ,a power nation ..Centuries passing by ,friendships have been created or have been broken, enemies ,disagreements, fights, exile ,eternal war between night creatures . So Vampire can be a lonely person and needs company.. Don’t forget he can give his love and all his time to his lady even if can be from dust till dawn cause sun makes them weak (they need sun glasses )or sparking haha .Twilight time is just perfect to meet him ,and midnight to have a red glass of wine accompanying him watching the full moon..

Vasiliki Bouza

image sources: photobucket - photo web search from INTERNET

Information sources:my experience from Movies ,books and of course my thoughts and my opinion ..

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