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Shakira - Objection - Αγώνας μετ’ εμποδίων

hello guys i am back again. i have been reading all day ..many programs and algorithms ouf... i have a new video by my friend Takis in is funny and also cool too.I LOVED THE PLOT and also the music..synopses:a girl call her friend cause she need him and adventure begins...running and hunting...Congratulation to all members of team.
plz watch it

Takis from Picktakis team says:A good job by picktakis team .Filmed at China's Beijing with much tired and a lot of time on it ..Time of filming is 33hours and 30 minutes..Price 88,33 Euro

what i like ? of course the end. you can't never know what a woman has in her bag..and also the phrase "i'll burn you"..and of course the fight next to bridge
bravo guys very good job.we are looking for ur next video !!!

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