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In the official channel of Mousounitsas, I created a film with photographs and video that belongs in my personal collection, from the sunday church of prophet Helios in the 20/7/09… Also contain photographs from the around region Bardousia mountains , the Crow, the Tower, Morno river, Gkiona muntains ...etz music emanates by musical group Alborada from Peru

This year as each year on 20 July was celebrated the feast of prophet Ilias( [Ai]-[Lia]/Elijah
) in the small church that is found outside the village, tally on the mountains Bardoysia, in height of 1800 m.there villagers went up , as our neighbours from the next village Koniako… There were taken place the divine operation, and holly water from Father Constantine . Then people sat down for food and had fun … After the cerebration they went back to village… Below photographs are presented that were pulled in the 20/07/09 from Nikolaos [G]. [Mpoyza], that were pulled in the locality that is found the church of prophet Ilia/Elijah. Also in a photograph is presented the enormous cedar, under which they sit our friends in order to they have fun and rest themselves. Still via two panoramic photographs show the view of Tops of Bardousia mountains from [Ai]-[Lia].

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