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Joanne Harris - RUNEMARKS

i want to continue Reading otori tales second book with Takeo and his friends but i want to try something else , with scadinavian gos and legends , witches- elves and myths. so i find this book RUNEMARKS BY Joanne Harris

Manti Smith has been born with the mark of rune in her hand and all in her village considers her to be alone, besides the runes constitute symbol of old gods, mark of magic. And the magic leads to the chaos and to the destruction. But inManti likes making various magic and only in order to checks fairy. AShe learns a lot from her best friend, Monofthalmo,he teaches her everything for the gods, the runes and the fables that them day Monofthalmos asks her going down in Ypochthonio Under World in order to close something old accounts that gods left … A fascinating epic adventure based in their Scandinavian fables from the famous writer Joanne Harris


María said...

awesome book :D this gods are from iceland,norway and denmark btw ! ;)

elselenia said...

Yeah it is!!Thank you Maria for posting to my blog !
Have a nice day!
Greetings from Greece.

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