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Queen of the night is calling u..

i was bored and i decided to write a song,...ok English isn't my mother tongue so plz be nice,my first attempt !!!It'S Tuesday 00.09 in the night and these are my feelings my emotions for this moment... basically i was inspired by a picture - a work of art ...we have a music group /band, probably i will modify itm if i make it a song....

I am so sad
I am the Queen of night
my emotions are so flat
and you 've lost my sight

Inside wood
beyond the shadows
I spent my childhood
night across the Meadows

my friends are butterflies
and my sisters are nightingales
fly in the skies
with small flames
dreams shine like lies

fairies dance across the river
elves sing a prayer
silver moon looks like a shiver
like a fair tear in the air

and i here
i beat every fear
i walk alone
with owls by my side
with a heavy moan
i cant hide as long as i ve cried

my eyes like fire
my hands wants you to come here
you is my desire , the person i admire
i'll show the path my dear

my soul is imprisoned
inside my immortal body
don't be frightened
it's me , it's my unbelievable story

do you see sad my face
lying down on grass ,
i pull my ace , you are my brace
i open the gate ,your pass

follow the stars
and you will always be mine
it's the road of Mars
this line and shine

for all eternity
far away from your lovely world
come to my dear fraternity
with your decision as your sword
Copyright © Vassiliki G Bouza
Copyright © lyrics : vassilikiGB - Imprisoned Angel

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