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Across the Nightingale floor - Otori Tales

hello again, i haven't been here for a long time cause i was too busy !! in a few days i ll give exams... so i have to study now but in my little free time i read a book.."Across the night gale floor is the first book of the Otori Tales by Lian Hearn ... visit her site it's about a historic fantasy novel .. it's nice and has quiet good plot and description of sceneries and characters ' emotions too.Also characters are charismatic and full of emotions( fear,love,respect,friendship,faith ..)

Main character of the book is Tomasu ,he lives amongst the Hidden, who is rescued and adopted by Shigeru(otori master ) when Ida attacks to his village, his new name "Otori Takeo..Takeo's father was a member of the secretive Kikuta Tribe, and he has many special abilities..Takeo is instructed by Ichiro, and Kenji, HIS TWO TEACHERS..Kenji has super abilities too.

At Tsuwano they meet Kaede ,its a trap about lord of otori-he must marry her if he wants Takeo be his son , but it is Takeo and Kaedefall in love each other . They visit Shigeru's brother's grave, and for Shigeru to discuss war plans with the Abbott.Shigeru plans for Takeo to assassinate Iida that night. Takeo makes a deal with the The Tribe that allows him to bring Shigeru's body down in return for joining them. Takeo, together with Kenji and Yuki sneak into the castle at night and bring Shigeru down from the wall. Shigeru, dying from his wounds, asks Takeo to bury him at Terayama.

visit Lian Hearn website
my opinion about this cool book ^_^ i love Japan!!
and some of the covers of first book and the plot by wikipedia the free ecyclopedia

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