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Narcissus tazetta manousaki

One of my favorite flower is the Narcissus tazzetaa .. read and learn informations about it..

it is belonged to Gramineae's family .In Greece we call it , Manousaki or Tsabaki or Mirtolouloudo (March flower).It sprouts in the end of Autumn in hilly fields, in sides of the mountains and in rocky grounds.they are two types.Wild and gentle. Wild is scattered in various dominates in the nature, which is snowly from these white flowers and the atmosphere is intoxicating from it's perfume.We know it as Narcissus tazetta...but also the so called Chinese sacred lily is Chinese but neither sacred nor a lily and It's fragrance is quite different from its distant cousin the paperwhite narcissus and it is believed to be good luck to have the flower bloom on the first day of the Chinese lunar new year spring festival.

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