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This video is about Vardousia, Giwna, Oiti and Parnassos mountains.
These famous and Historic mountains are around our village, Mousounitsa
Mousounitsa is small traditional village where visitors can rest and spend some time, going on holidays inside green and clear atmosphere.
It is found in central Greece.
These photos are belonged to my private collection but for my video's creation i used and others pictures from many climbers
e.g yiannis (look picasa)
This song is Recines (rizes) from Vangelis Papathanasiou from the album Odes with Erene Papas.

I thank very much the dobrav99 (from Great Britain) who said: A Superb blend of Musical Imagery!
kaiserwilhelm23 (from Belgium)who commented: great music good film
and orionas10 (From Greece) that wrote: great music from Vangelis! and very good video!

I am very cheerful and happy for the very good comments on my work, however I am still more cheerful because our village became acquaintance in individuals that did not even know his existence in abroad .so the fans of our village and our region from abroad were increased still more….

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