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Princess Ai

Princess Ai is a manga Series and belongs to shojo , fantasy , romance gendre. The team worked in it was : Cortney Love, DJ Milky , Ai Yazawa, Mishaho Koujiradou.It was pUblised in english by TOKYOPOP.
NOW we are waiting the anime series!!!!

PLOT: A young girl wakes in streets of Tokyo.But she doesn't remembered anything about her life ...Only her name<> and a golden heart-SHAPED box....She is amneseac ...and a boy helps her ..She falls in love with Kent , a librarian and musician . She starts working at a club and a music agent diskovers her. A big career starts but she wants to remember her past.
creatures from her world Ai-Land try to kill her but in the end few of them stand by her side .Her concerts are amazing but really dengerus!!!They attacked her .....BUT the truth is revealed... Ai is the child was borned by the love of an angel and a human man.....this is the second rebelion.....

Inside the goth style (she rocks!!!)


1: Destitution
2: Lumination
3: Evolution

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