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Flying condor & wolf -> two hearts ,one spirit

I like listening indian songs by native people of America.when i listen these songs i think i find something from myself in .I dont kno what but i like it.I also like to be in the nature.I like spenting my time in my village ,,wandering in the forest or watching the moyntains,felling the wind's breath, and listening the sound of leaves.I also like to be across the river watching the water, smelling the humid ground .Tauching the surface of the water and dreaming about this world. i do these i feel free and powerfull. Idon't know why . Maybe in my previous lifet...i was been there...dominating and exploring the elements of nature.
My favorite song is flying condor. Because condor is a bird, it opens his feathers and flies far away in the sky.His freedom, his spirit is inside me. It dies in the sky free and strong....
a wolf


his glance, his speed, his strong muscles, alone in the dark down from full moon

his power all his life, his loyality a mystery , his pain dumb
running to eternal darkness , protecting his herd

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