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7 Min. in Heaven with mythical creatures

Nikolai (Vampire)
Nikolai (Vampire)
You look around the room scared cause you and Moonlight (Creator)are the only humans in the room. You reach in to the hat and pulls out a chain necklace. You hear Zeke (your werewolf friend) growl as Nikolai (Vampire) gets up and walks over to you and extends a pale hand. "Shall we go?" You blush as you take his hand, behind you feel Zeke glare at him as he leads you into the closet. You lean against the wall as he closes the door. You look around as you feel Nikolai's eye looking at you. You turn your head towards him and see that he appeared in front of you. He prees your back against the wall as he brings himself closer to you. You put your hands on his cheast to push him away, but he's stronger than you. His hand slides to your waist and his other hand to your chin. He brings your face closer to his and kisses you passonantly on the lips. You're shocked as you start pushing away, but his eyes tell you to kiss back. You feel almost lightheaded as you start to kiss him back and bring you him closer to you. His lips traces your jaw bone and your neck. You tilt your head as his fangs graze across your neck. He presses down and starts to drink you blood when you hears Zeke's voice say one minete. Nikolai stops and kisses you one last time before Zeke ( who has been paceing the back and forth from the door) yanks open the door. Nikolai walks out and smirks at Zeke as he rushes to catch you from falling. You hear Zeke growl loudly as he takes you to a bedroom to rest.
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