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Welcome to Heraklion

I study here , at ATEI of Crete , here in Heraklio

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Heraklion is one from the biggest cities in Greece . It is the fourth largest city in Greece also it was known as Candia .Ιτ is famous for the enormous harbour.Boats from all Greece but also from foreigner countries come in the harbour for things transport. This keep island alive.

Heraklion is close to the ruins of the palace of Knossos, which inMinoan times was the biggest centre of population Today exist still marks of minoan culture , like as minoas's throne, ruined palace ,crete labirinth .

At venetian time Heraklio was named Candia f rom greek world <> .Many people gone there frome all the world.Today it is the favorite destination for the greeks and foreigner tourists.This has a beach that is named amoydara, kazatzakis's tomb, chanioporta, logia, morozini fountain , aretousa and erotokritos.

The life rolls calmly here but cretan people beleve that they live in a autonomous and independent state.They d'nt care about the rest of Grecce .The only thing that they care about is Crerta, nothing more.Cretan moms tell to their boy not to leave from the island..( i cant stant it :-( ) .Beside Heraklio is more expensive than Athens .If you want to buy something you need much money .For example if you want buy a <> at Athens you pay 1.60 Euro , but in Crete you pay 2.80 or 3.00 Euro.

going to Elef8erias Square


Elef8erias Suare

Eleftherios Venizelos

the famous novel song <ARETOUSA AND EROTOKRITOS> By Vinchejos Cornaros

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The SAint Titos




Morosini fountain

i hopeyou like it, a small trip to Heraklio



Anonymous said...

u writed a very good article about heraclio.I must go there and i like your small trip .keep going........

elselenia said...

good article very good job :) i think

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