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Welcome ATEI ...ATM..

I go to ATEI of Crete.It's a big COLLEGE and it has many sectors. I study Applied Information technology and Multimedias.(efarmosmeni pliroforiki kai polumesa in greek )

Here the clacesess are difucallt enough ,and most students don't take good grades. These guys read a lot but , in the end maybe they can't manage to pass the exams..Professors don' t care about the students because believe Tei will have always students.So sommetimes students are better than professors but they don't pass anyone unless kids understand and solve problems like them.
there are many students are at the end of the ATEI cours and need to pass many lessons ......

But on the other hand.....
The Department of Appli ed Information technology and Multimedias of POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE Crete covers the space of Information technology, Telecommunications and Multimedias, decisive importance of sectors in the shaped Society of Information. With the provided education the Department aims in graduates, that will have on the one hand overall education round the new technologies and on the other hand the required specialisation so that they cover immediately the needs a very big and dynamically developing job market. This market includes enterprises and companies of applications of products of Information technology, software, companies of benefit Internet, telephony etc.

Here we take lessons such as Mathematics, Aplied Mathematics, GrammicAlgebra,Distinguishable Mathematics,Physics, Digital Drawing,Electronics,Programming,ARCHITECTURE OF COMPUTERS,TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS,history and the philosophy of positive sciences,structures of data,operating systems,multimedia,digital transmission,PEDAGOGIC,Bases of Data,java, c++,gui,NETWORKS OF DATA,DIGITAL TREATMENT OF SIGNAL,englishNETWORKS OF COMPUTERS,management,web designer

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