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Keep away from a nuclear explosion...

Earth is a ship sailing into space..If captain does not care about the ship , it'll follow space waves and itll go to depth of the sea.So do man , if he doesn't care about nature .One drawer at my desk includes booklets,photos from our world.I 've noticed our world has chanced from man's hand.Τhe power, the passion for taking the lead.......We destroy our health with out understand it.
So cause i want to see a beautiful planet and not a destroyed one , i care , and i deside to write a article about nuclear explosion to learn people some informations...

A nuclear explosion occurs as a result of the rapid release of energy from an intentionally high-speed nuclear.Atmospheric nuclear explosions are associated with "mushroom clouds" although mushroom clouds can occur with large chemical explosions and it is possible to have an air burst nuclear explosion without these clouds. Atmospheric nuclear explosions produce large amounts of radio andradio active debris.The first event occurred on the morning of6 august 1945, when the U.S.A dropped Litlle Boy on Hiroshima. three days later when, again, the United States dropped Fat Man on Nagasaki. These booms resulted in the immediate deaths of around 120,000 people and even more over time. The use of these weapons was and remains controversial.
For the information i looked wikipedia ,the free encyclopedia , to see i f the information is true.Thanks wikipedia

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